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Chemistry Done Right

20 Oct


Science Magazine held a Dance Your PhD contest, and the winner was a team from Carleton University. I won’t lie, I know little about chemistry, or science in general. Heck, I can’t even do basic multiplication as quick as the average Joe. But come on, this is amazing.

This should be how all theses are presented–through the language of dance.

Here’s the vid!

Holier Than Thou: The Israel Dilemma (+pics)

14 Sep

I had the opportunity to tour Israel this summer (as mentioned a million times before this). I thought I would expand a little bit on my observations and conclusions after getting a first hand look at what really goes on in a place that is so misconstrued by, well, everyone. Continue reading

Things To Look Forward To

18 May

When I was working for Virgin, I had a weekly post called “things to look forward to” where I outlined the cool events happening that week, ones that cost little to no money. I did it because we were in the heat of the recession, and I figured, if people were feeling down about their money situation, perhaps a frugal outing would cheer them up.

It seems, however, like there’s more to look forward to than the week ahead. A university study says the older you get, the happier you’ll be. The happiest people are over 50 years old. I guess getting to that mark is achievement enough. Am I right? Continue reading

Spring Cleaning / Greening

22 Apr

Happy Earth Day, earthlings!

Back when I blogged for Virgin, I made a vid on making cleaning products out of things you can find at home. No money, no chemicals, clean house. Win.

The Emergence Of Organic Self-Esteem

14 Jan

Poking, pinching, and prodding is going out of style. Au natural is the new black.

Finally a healthy trend in lifestyle journalism, reality TV, and even high fashion. I’ve seen a number of outlets praising a woman’s natural form without encouraging them to revert to excessive exercising or plastic surgery. I’m blessed with a fast metabolism, but that doesn’t mean I do not respect or find beauty in women who have some meat on their bones.

Oxford University’s Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolsim recently released a study that showed a little ‘junk in the trunk’ isn’t a bad thing. A bit of fat in the thigh and butt area is considered ‘good fat’ helping to break down fats in the stomach thus preventing Diabetes and extending one’s life. Continue reading

Romi Reads The News [5]

13 Dec

Good Sunday to you all.

Here’s the news, better late than never…

First a shoe, now a statue – A statue was thrown (or was he punched?) at the ever scandalous Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who was signing autographs during a rally in Milan. An innovative, but an extremely silly thing to do since the assailant is already in custody. Drawing blood from an Italian prime minister? Not so smart.

Tiger loses another sponsor – and no one is surprised.

Hopenhagen – as the summit continues, U.S. responsibility over the Alberta oilsands has surfaced, and activists are a plenty (and are arrested left, right and centre).

And finally, my two favourite weird news pieces this week:

In the most Willy Wonka fashion, a man dies from exploding chewing gum, and a woman was arrested for impersonating a witch and scamming a lawyer out of over $100,000.

Happy trails to you.

Canada’s Got Some ‘Splaining To Do

7 Dec

Sometimes it’s cool to be the rebel but in Canada’s case, it ain’t such a hot idea.

I now understand why Stephen Harper was so resistant in to go to the climate summit in Copenhagen, no one wants him there.

This is the first paragraph of a Globe and Mail article. Sums it up pretty nicely.

The country โ€œis the dirty old man of the climate world,โ€ according to a recent Guardian article. Another prominent article published ahead of the Copenhagen climate-change summit called it a โ€œcorrupt petro-state.โ€ Various diplomats and scientists have rallied for its expulsion from international organizations.

Well that sucks. Good ‘ole polite Canada isn’t so appealing anymore. And guess what? Alberta’s oil sands isn’t the only point of attack. We have one of the highest levels of per-person greenhouse gas emissions. We could blame it on our volatile climate but that isn’t a good enough excuse. Continue reading

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