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Stuff Romi Likes: “I Want That” Edition

17 Mar

You liked what I liked last week. I figured I would do it again, but this time, with things I would like to have in my possession.

1. Bright yellow rainboots – It’s the cliche spring item, but they’re so delightfully adorable! Whenever I’m wearing rainboots, I always have the urge to jump in giant puddles…because I can. If only I could find a pair on the cheap….

2. Trench coat – Another classic piece. I saw some super cute ones at Club Monaco, but what I really really want is some Burberry.

3. A job – If someone will pay me to do something at some point in the near future, that would be ideal. Preferably a fun job like blogging, or writing something, anything…. Who am I kidding though, all the awesome jobs are unpaid internships. A girl can dream, right? (Will send resume if requested…will work for clothes) Continue reading

Journalists As Props? Please?

11 Dec

In light of this Star article exposing the amount of money police officers get paid to moonlight / chaperone for different events and goings-on in the city, I figured journalists can be put to work to do similar thoughtless tasks while getting paid double their salaries. Here are some suggestions as to what we can do for a bit of extra cash:

Extras in a movie – you always see scrums with a hoard of journalists in films and on TV. Why not just hire real journalists? We would probably accept less money than extras anyways. Continue reading

How To Get A Job In Broadcasting

19 Nov

I had the opportunity to attend the Pulse media and journalism conference at my ex-university, Wilfrid Laurier (we’re on good terms though).

Not only was it fascinating but it enforced a genuine sense of optimism for journalists-to-be.

Yes there are fewer jobs in traditional outlets but industry bigwigs truly believe there’s hope for the industry and those aspiring to be a part of it.

One of the speakers was Anne Kircos, the Human Resources manager for CTV Southwestern Ontario. She discussed marketing oneself as a young journalist to broadcast outlets and the steps taken to do so. Of course I scribbled down some notes and I would love to share them with you.

If you’re interested in broadcast or any kind of journalistic career, copy and save, nay, tattoo this info on your forehead. Okay bad idea, unless you want to go into radio.

It’s an extensive list so bear with me: Continue reading

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