Things To Look Forward To

18 May

When I was working for Virgin, I had a weekly post called “things to look forward to” where I outlined the cool events happening that week, ones that cost little to no money. I did it because we were in the heat of the recession, and I figured, if people were feeling down about their money situation, perhaps a frugal outing would cheer them up.

It seems, however, like there’s more to look forward to than the week ahead. A university study says the older you get, the happier you’ll be. The happiest people are over 50 years old. I guess getting to that mark is achievement enough. Am I right?

Who knows how accurate this study is but it makes sense to me in some ways. If a person has saved up accordingly, they could lead a happy retired life. In our 20s-40s, we’re worrying about graduating, getting a job, finding a husband / wife, having kids, raising kids, supporting kids. When our 50s rolls around, kids are out of the house, and it’s smooth sailing to an extent.

There’s obvious problems from financial to health, but perhaps with age comes the knowledge that too much stress isn’t worth the hassle.

But what do I know? I’m only 22. At least if it’s uphill from here, I don’t have to dread turning 23 (as much).

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