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Stuff Romi Likes: Summer Edition

25 May

Haven’t done a “Romi Likes” in a while.

Now that summer is here, my “want” list is piling up (and my have list is pretty static).

DISCLAIMER: I don’t technically actually know anything about fashion, but I love it nonetheless. As much as I love the snobbery of Lookbook, leave it on that site. I just want to go shopping, damnit.

Here are my sartorial desires / recommendations:

1. One shoulder dress – So cute, so summery. Perhaps in a colourful print would be ideal, probably the only thing (apart from the willingness to spend money) keeping me from buying this. The one below is from lulus.com

2. Elastic Sandals Continue reading

Stuff Romi Wants To Improve On

8 Apr

Nobody’s perfect.

I’ve been thinking a lot about new skills I’d like to acquire and things I would like to get better at. I’m going to use this post as a public to-do list so I can keep myself motivated, and you can scold me if I don’t follow through.

Feel free to use the comment section to do the same.

Here’s the list, in no particular order.

I want to be better at:

  • writing (fiction and non)
  • reporting
  • being confident in front of a camera
  • memorization
  • reading more books
  • doing crosswords
  • blogging
  • editing (film, audio, print)
  • being a friend
  • opening up
  • telling jokes
  • math
  • French
  • video games
  • singing
  • making money
  • being taken seriously
  • CP style
  • saving money
  • dressing well
  • speaking well
  • giving
  • taking
  • giving / receiving compliments
  • golf
  • being excited
  • being the bigger person
  • not talking smack
  • objectivity
  • subjectivity
  • high fives

Stuff Romi Likes: “I Want That” Edition

17 Mar

You liked what I liked last week. I figured I would do it again, but this time, with things I would like to have in my possession.

1. Bright yellow rainboots – It’s the cliche spring item, but they’re so delightfully adorable! Whenever I’m wearing rainboots, I always have the urge to jump in giant puddles…because I can. If only I could find a pair on the cheap….

2. Trench coat – Another classic piece. I saw some super cute ones at Club Monaco, but what I really really want is some Burberry.

3. A job – If someone will pay me to do something at some point in the near future, that would be ideal. Preferably a fun job like blogging, or writing something, anything…. Who am I kidding though, all the awesome jobs are unpaid internships. A girl can dream, right? (Will send resume if requested…will work for clothes) Continue reading

Stuff Romi Likes

9 Mar

Other sites are dedicated to the likes of a certain group of people. Why can’t that group consist of one person?

Perhaps by me liking things, you will like them too. And then we can become one big group of happy people who like stuff that Romi likes. Once we establish this group, we can create a website called “Stuff Romi and Other People With The Same Interests Like”. What do you say?

Here I go!

1. Stuff Journalists Like – Yes, I’m a rookie journalist but already, I’m coming to understand what makes people of our profession squeal with joy. Things like bylines, free food, and crazy people are among the contributions.

(if you like this, you will most definitely also like Overheard In The Newsroom)

2. Canvas Shoes – Continue reading

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