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Tis The Season [I want to go to there…]

3 Nov

Let’s be real, the end of Halloween marks the beginning of Christmas. I could criticize the commercialism of it all, but that’s just so passé. Besides, there’s a lot of good that comes out of xmas for a girl who technically doesn’t celebrate Jesus’ re-birthday (Elf, Home Alone I,II, eggnog, overeating, days off etc…).

There is, however, one thing that has gone on to trump all other holiday goodness: A cupcake-making competition. The Ironcupcake, that is.

Like the Iron Chef competitions, there is a secret ingredient all contestants must include in their cupcake recipes. And the ingredient is…..drum roll please……  Christmas. Shocker. It seems like a cop out as far as ingredients go to do something more conceptual, but I’ll have my resurrected candycane cupcake and eat it too. You betcha I’ll be there.

Dec. 5, who’s in?

Romi Reads The News [7]

29 Dec

Ah back to reality.

You can’t see me, but I’m now morbidly obese, filled to the brim with turkey, chocolate, and beer. This is the life.

Although it was a big holiday week, the world was full of bad news it seems. If you were too busy stuffing your face as well, here’s some items to catch up on:

Terror watch – An attempted airplane bombing of a plane traveling to Detroit means increased security in airports x 10000. Thankfully the suspect was detained, everyone arrived safe, but still a scary thought regarding what dangerous items may slip through the security cracks. A new twist suggests that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the suspected terrorist, was on Britain’s security watch list. Continue reading

Nothing Day

27 Dec

The days in between boxing day (or as Bob and Doug like to call them, “mystery days“) and New Years are always a weird time. After the chaos of the holidays, sitting and doing nothing, eating less, and perhaps being alone feels a little strange.

I am celebrating yet another Christmas as we speak. After never celebrating Christmas officially ever, 2 in a row is quite the ordeal. I’m trying to get in as much feasting and as many presents as I can.

Since I’m on day 4 of Jesus birthday celebrations, I can still give you more video presents.

Here is one of my favourite Canadian comedians, Jon Lajoie. Check out his Youtube channel while you’re at it. Funny guy.

Happy Holidays!

25 Dec

Why are you even looking at this right now? No surfing the interwebs on Christmas! …unless you’re not Christian which is a big chunk of the population isn’t it? Well enjoy your day off, catch up on some older posts, and draft some new ones for me!

Remember, if you’re interested in writing for me, just send me an idea, and you may be published!

Also, I just wanted to thank everyone who has contributed to the blog over its short existence. Continue reading

Just A Quick Thought

10 Dec

Is it just me or does this seem impractical? A porcelain portable cup? Wouldn’t your hot drink get cold quickly?

I get the eco and the reusable but come on. Beyond the environmentally friendly aspect, what is the benefit of this thing? Knowing me, I would drop it and break it the moment I got it. Almost did at Chapters today.

Anyone have one of these things? Planning on getting one?

Speaking of things to hold hot drinks, I have a weird obsession with these Bodum glasses: Continue reading

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