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That’s Not What I meant!

16 May

"oopsies!" - John Cummins

Background: Soon to be leader of the B.C. Conservative party, John Cummins, in an interview with a radio station said that homosexuality is a choice and the provincial Human Rights act should not expand to include / protect based on sexual orientation. And then – he backtracked and said everyone is has the right to live how they want and EVERYONE is protected under the HRA so why expand it further?

Shocking, I know. Always a conservative pundit making an ignorant comment, usually about homosexuals followed by the realization that a big chunk of Canadians (read: potential Conservative voters) don’t buy into the no-homo approach to politics so they issue a half ass statement regretting a word or two but keeping the overall sentiment of their initial message.

“I don’t really know if it’s a choice or not, actually. Maybe we should leave it to the experts.” Copy and paste that into any “That’s not what I meant” speech by any politician (celebrity, public figure etc…). Because of this, I know this is a ‘tell me something I didn’t know’ kind of news item, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating to hear about on the basis of the following:

– Every word uttered before, during, and after the remark was made was most likely intentional and purposefully insincere. Vague, fuzzy language keeps the Right adequately happy, while trying to avoid pissing the Left off too much.

– People are still saying ignorant things about homosexuals citing tradition and lack of empirical evidence, causing severe eye-rolling and a lot of “really? again?”s.

But despite the unenlightenment of some, situations such as this highlight the power of public opinion and pressure. Look how protest to the words Cummins initially used pulled him closer to the Centre and farther from his party’s beliefs and perhaps his personal beliefs.

And this aint just a CPC thang. Check this adorable PSA out:

That’s hockey pro Sean Avery. Those who know me are WELL aware of my opinions on what I call ‘hypermasculine sport’ (football, hockey, ultimate fighting and so on…).  Heck, even if you don’t, it was the topic of one of my first blog posts on Romi Says. What I find when challenging the notions of heterosexual masculinity in sport, is a lot of people defending their heterosexuality in relation to the sport.

Case and point: After Avery was featured publicly supporting gay marriage, there was an outcry from the professional hockey community and from sports journalists criticizing him for his views. How dare a participant in the manliest, most heterosexual sport on the planet support GAY MARRIAGE?

One sportscaster spat this gem out:


this too happened:

But that comment didn’t fly as well as Goddard thought it would. In fact, Toronto’s Sportsnet decided to give him the boot (but cited other factors in addition to the tweet that lead to his dismissal).

And why should these comments fly? It’s 2011, people.

Cummins, Goddard – different people, same dangerous message. I say keep the public pressure on, and figures of influence using their, well, influence because when this stops happening, we lose big time and so do our gay best friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and children.

I’ll leave you with wise words from Sir Charles Barkley:

WORN, Je T’aime

29 Sep

Sunday I went to the Word On The Street festival , and event showcasing all sorts of Canadian literary talent. It’s amazing how diverse the literary world is even in Canada. With niche magazines for just about everything, and associations for the most obscure genres, it was a great way to experience the independent, offbeat side to writing.

As you could imagine I was drawn particularly to the more alternative publications like Broken Pencil, Feathertale Review, and WORN Fashion Journal, all of which were sold at a fantastically reasonable price.

I was most familiar with WORN previous to WOTS from glancing at their website once in a while, but I never picked up a publication. When at the festival Continue reading

Remember When? Summer 2010

8 Sep

This beaver has nothing to do with any kind of current events..but look how huge it is!

It’s been quite the summer for newsmakers. While we were enjoying our slow days and numerous heatwaves, underfed, underpaid journalists worked overtime to deliver top stories to our Crackberries while we lounged on our decks in bikinis sipping ice cold beers (…no? Just me?). Don’t worry, In a year from now, I’ll be shaking my fist at summer Romi too.

But seriously, the news has been far from slow this season making it hard to remember what happened when, or was it that humidity-induced coma? Perhaps it’s beneficial to take a look at planet earth’s crazy summer, if only to remind ourselves that the worst things to happen to Toronto are a puny earthquake, a delightful heatwave, and an irritating mayoral race (or to assist those journalism buddies who went news reading cold-turkey this summer and are playing catchup).

JUNE: Continue reading

Baby It’s (getting) Cold Outside

20 Mar


Remember when we were basking in sunlight, wearing no jacket, or socks in my case, and there was SUN? You better keep that front and centre in your memory because the weather is going to shit again.

-3 overnight? Horrible. It’s going down to single digits for the rest of next week too…and rain….and I’m sure snow. As much as my heart is broken by the devastating news, I’m not surprised. We live in Canada people. Obviously this is going to happen. It’s just a mood killer. People are so much happier when it’s sunny and warm out.

Enough with stating the obvious. I figured I’d post some happy sunny springy summery pics to lift your spirits a little bit. Continue reading

What About Haiti?

3 Mar

Over a month and a half ago, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake ravaged the impoverished nation of Haiti. Over 200,000 were killed, over 300,000 were injured, and over one million were left homeless. You would think that a tragedy of that scale would be hard to forget, right?

Unfortunately for the recovering country, Canadians caught the Olympic fever and have been distracted from the original humanitarian focus ever since. This is not to say that the people of this country have not been extremely generous in giving to relief, they have. In fact, $113 million was donated to the healing country, which was then matched by the Canadian government Continue reading

Romi Reads The News [8]

10 Jan

Happy Sunday to you all.

Even though our prime minister doesn’t feel like working today, I’m taking one for the team.

Here’s your news, ladies and gents:

Grown Ups can call time outs too – As we saw this week in the Harper government, when things get too rough, the most logical choice (apparently) is to prorogue parliament, essentially putting any federal government activity on a stand still.

Does this mean that if I have a tight deadline to meet, I can just call my boss and say, “listen, let’s just put everything we’re doing on hold for a week or two, and after some time off, MAYBE we can get back to doing some real work. I’m sure our clients would understand.”

Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson – Northern Ireland’s First Minister’s wife got herself into a little tizzy this week channeling another Mrs. Robinson (think the Graduate). Uber conservative Iris Robinson has been having an affair with a 19 year old man for over a year. Embarrassing but so funny. Continue reading

Another Reason To Start Going To The Gym

8 Jan

As hope dwindles for the fulfillment of New Year resolutions, perhaps there’s one common personal goal you will want to keep, unless you don’t mind strangers seeing you naked.

New body scanners have been ordered by Canada to comply with heightened security in the United States. As you might have heard, these scanners can see right through your clothes. No first date, no foreplay, no nothing.

Airport security can see whether or not a person is carrying plastic explosives and dangerous items. Your image cannot be saved on the device, thankfully, but groups are still concerned about breaches in privacy. Honestly though, I’ll risk a person or two seeing me nekkid in exchange for my (relative) safety. Continue reading

Nothing Day

27 Dec

The days in between boxing day (or as Bob and Doug like to call them, “mystery days“) and New Years are always a weird time. After the chaos of the holidays, sitting and doing nothing, eating less, and perhaps being alone feels a little strange.

I am celebrating yet another Christmas as we speak. After never celebrating Christmas officially ever, 2 in a row is quite the ordeal. I’m trying to get in as much feasting and as many presents as I can.

Since I’m on day 4 of Jesus birthday celebrations, I can still give you more video presents.

Here is one of my favourite Canadian comedians, Jon Lajoie. Check out his Youtube channel while you’re at it. Funny guy.

Epic Journalism Win

23 Dec

The strict laws governing what journalists can or can’t say in Canada is loosening its grip. As the Globe and Mail reports, the defence of ‘responsible journalism’, allowing journalists to defend themselves against defamation if they can prove they took all necessary steps to provide an objective truth, has been recognized by the supreme court.

Since this ruling, responsible journalism has only been recognized in the court of appeal, so this is a huge step towards more realistic laws regarding the limits of reporting.

Globe and Mail editor in chief, John Stackhouse says: Continue reading

Romi Reads The News [6]

20 Dec

Good day to you all.

Events that are current? Here we go…

A somber day in Hollywood, as Brittany Murphy, 32, dies of cardiac arrest. In light of this, I will only focus on the good being her role in Clueless. You will be missed, Tai.

At least some of us are getting a white Christmas. And by white, I mean over 35 centimetres of the white stuff in the Northeast. When it snows, it blizzards, as they probably say somewhere. Wonder if it’ll move farther West to these parts. Continue reading

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