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I’m In The Mood For Blogging

7 Sep

And it took me long enough.

After plenty of time minding my own beeswax, I have finally decided to re-infiltrate the blogosphere. Sorry for the slackage. I can’t even say that I was busy, because I was hardly. I just didn’t think that summer Romi would give you the quality content you deserve. Hopefuly fall Romi will. Who knows?

Anyhoo, as always, I’m looking for guest bloggers so if you would like to be published on the blog, let me know! (either via comment or e-mail: romisez@gmail.com)

I know you missed me.

More of this to come:

p.s. Like my camels? My banner is officially non-permanent. Keep checking in for frequent changes!

And So It Goes…

19 Dec

It’s Saturday, let me have a lazy day! You work me to the bone, but I still love you.

Reminder: Guest blogging opportunities are ALWAYS available, so please write for me.

And for you, a surprised cat.

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