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Tisn’t The Season Anymore

7 Jan

I’m all for the cyclical seasonal nature of fashion, out with the old, in with the new, but perhaps it should slow down a little bit.

It’s the beginning of January, and spring lines are already emerging. A couple days ago I went to my local mall which is quite small and semi-upscale but has the usual GAP, Roots etc… My mission was to find a pair of warm mittens. I knew some of the retailers in the mall had sold some this season as I had seen them there a month or so ago. To my surprise, I found NOTHING. No one was carrying any kind of gloves anymore except for Roots which had fingerless gloves (what’s the point?).

In a place like freezing cold, snowy Canada, sometimes practicality trumps fashion, or should at least.

I’m ready for spring, yes, but not unless I can survive winter.

TTC Diaries: Playlist 2

18 Dec

Dear Diary,

Winter on the TTC can be rough. Adding an extra hour of traveling time means extra effort is needed to keep busy / sane. Anything that can keep you from looking out of the window.

For TTC communters, and music enthusiasts alike, I created another playlist for your aural enjoyment.

Feel free to share your playlist ideas on the blog and your list could potentially be the spotlight of next week’s TTC Diaries!

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Snood Part Two: The Thood

5 Dec

Remember our chat about Snoods? (a.k.a the hood and scarf fusion). WELL, I have found the ultimate illegitimate lovechild of said clothing item.

I guess you can also wear this in winter, but you’ll be pretty cold. I’m not really sure how this will fly in hotter months either, come to think of it. Maybe someone will be a slutty alien next halloween.

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16 Nov

snood by Missoni

Snoods are the new sporks. No, not the (awesome) computer game but a fusion between scarves and hoods!

The runways have been riddled with pieces like the one above and to be honest, I’m in love. What a great concept, especially for the Canadian winter (CLEARLY Missoni, Burberry etc… had our lovely northern country in mind…ha!).

Slouchy, comfy, boho-chic. I could see this becoming a popular trend this season. If not, I guess I’ll be the only one trying it out.

At least I’ll be super warm.

For a more affordable version of the snood, check out American Apparel’s version. Super cute and only $34!

VIA American Apparel

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