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The Case For Eurovision (and possibly hard drugs)

17 May

Why can’t North America be this kooky?

Moldova’s entry into the Eurovision contest was robbed of 1st place. Sadly they were bumped down to 12th. Seriously, robbed.

Meow [Video]

8 Nov
Special thanks to Holy Fuck for creating a music video that combined their sweet, sweet tunes with cheesy cat youtube videos. Now I can hear / watch both at the same time!
My life is complete.

Check It [Video]

2 Nov

click image for link to video


Considering I have the attention span of a squirrel, only shiny things and flashing lights keep me interested in something for more than five seconds. Thankfully, this vid by filmmaking duo Stellar Citizens [Alex Ordanis + Chris Yurkovich], has enough colours and lights to hook me in for over two minutes.

My usual low standards of entertainment value need not apply here. The video is genuinely well done, well shot, and gives me this weird urge to fist pump.

The vid features live footage from French DJ/producer (and on his website, a self proclaimed p.i.m.p) Brodinski’s set at the Mod Club.

It’s on Vimeo which can’t be embedded into WordPress (booooo) sooo to watch it, click here (or on the image).

Greg Says: May The 4th Be With You

12 Mar

I’ve been telling Greg to write a piece for my blog forever, and finally, he did it. As a connoisseur of Canadian independent music, he would like to share with you a very important date. Mark off your calendars ladies and gents.

During a recent not-so-sober conversation with a friend of mine, the question of favourite album of 2010 came up, a fairly common subject between the two of us. But alas, imagine our surprise when I could not think of anything to tell him. Me! Someone so quick to name drop, or at least eager for the opportunity to do so. Frankly, I’m still caught up in the hangover that was 2009, still listening to last years favourites, still waiting on something from this year to take over the subject of this conversation.

I believe my answer was Contra by Vampire Weekend, the same answer as anyone above the age of 14, but really, what has come out so far worthy to compete with the top spot? Continue reading

ROMISAYS on Radio Laurier

6 Feb

Revisiting my old haunt tomorrow to co-host a show on Radio Laurier. Excited to be back on the air.

Click on the link and listen in Saturday from 1-3 when we play some wicked tunes and participate in some mindless banter.

giant pigs not included

TTC Diaries: Playlist 2

18 Dec

Dear Diary,

Winter on the TTC can be rough. Adding an extra hour of traveling time means extra effort is needed to keep busy / sane. Anything that can keep you from looking out of the window.

For TTC communters, and music enthusiasts alike, I created another playlist for your aural enjoyment.

Feel free to share your playlist ideas on the blog and your list could potentially be the spotlight of next week’s TTC Diaries!

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TTC Diaries: Playlist

1 Dec

Dear Diary,

Despite the smells, the waiting, the cold, and the crowding, I like commuting on the bus every morning. Being able to sit and relax for an hour at the break of dawn listening to music and reading the paper is a nice way to wake up.

Music, for me, is the main contributor to my transit enjoyment. It is my time to catch up on new music or to reacquaint myself with something I haven’t listened to in a long time. I am taken out of my environment and into the world of the artist I am listening to.

I’m sure you can relate to this escapist feeling, Diary, even if you don’t take public transit.

I made a playlist for tomorrow’s commute, and I wanted to share it with you.

What would you put on your TTC playlist?

Till next time, Diary,


(p.s. Click pop-out player to view the playlist, or make your own!)

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