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Adil Says: Cycling Sucks – Join the Rollerblade Revolution

16 Dec

I didn’t know how to ride a bike until I was 18. Yes, I took the training wheels off about ten years later than the rest of you.  I only mention this to establish that bike culture has always been foreign to me, a fact that I had long lamented given how it’s grown to represent youth culture, conscious living and healthy being. At the risk of sounding like an image-conscious teenager, biking had become cool and I wanted in. Continue reading

Rethinking Hypermasculinity

26 Nov

A bunch of us J-school buddies were talking sports in relation to the way they are perceived by men and women differently. Ultimate fighting was mentioned regarding it’s role as a symbol for hypermasculinity but I saw it as being somewhat homoerotic. Men wrapped around each other, half naked, crotches in face? I’m sure you see where I’m going with this.

The sports considered to be the most ‘manly’ (football, hockey, rugby…) have the same sentiment. Greased up alpha males playing a high contact game, yet overcompensatingly hetero.

In ghettoizing these sports as strictly heterosexual, people who fall outside of this definition are left at the wayside or are stuck in the closet.

And now, a breath of fresh air. Continue reading

The Maple Leafs And I: views from the outside

17 Nov

Remember the good ‘ole days when the Toronto Maple Leafs were the best team in the league? The valour of our hockey greats won them the Stanley Cup 13 times!!! Ah, best team in the world.

Oh wait, I can’t remember because they last won in NINETEEN SIXTY SEVEN. Come on.

The last time the Leafs did something Toronto can be proud of was 46 years ago. Why are we pledging allegiance to a team that hasn’t won in our lifetime?

I am speaking from an outsider perspective. I don’t follow hockey for the most part, heck, I’m hardly a sports fan. I’m writing this after observing the fanaticism of sports fans of any team defending their beloveds for what they’re perceived to be worth. I don’t mean to offend, I just don’t understand the dedication.

Even those fans who embarassingly admit to recognizing the team’s failures, will still cheer them on, with blind hope that victory is in the cards.

Can someone let me in on the joke?

Why are we giving them all of our hard-earned money? Maple Leafs have been named the most valuable NHL team for the past 4 years. Worth $470 million to be exact. Not only that but their worth has increased 5% from last year. Continue reading

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