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Big Idea, Small Space

13 May

I’ve always been one to sway towards smaller living spaces. When I drive by affluent areas like the Bridal Path, I wonder how a couple can live in such a large space. It seems so lonely to be so far away from other people.

I think there’s a lesson to be learned in modest living not only from a practical standpoint but an environmental one as well. Do humans really need as much energy as they are using?

In some cities, the population density is so high, that residents have no choice but to live almost on top of each other. Though I would prefer a little bit more space than places like Hong Kong would provide, innovative design coming from crowded places could teach us a thing or two about how we use the space in our homes.

Hong Kong architect Gary Chang was able to convert his tiny apartment into a 24 room abode by creating movable wall units that shift into different household necessities and a number of unique luxuries (like a screening room). Check out this video of the architectural genius of this apartment.

Spring Cleaning / Greening

22 Apr

Happy Earth Day, earthlings!

Back when I blogged for Virgin, I made a vid on making cleaning products out of things you can find at home. No money, no chemicals, clean house. Win.

Romi Reads The News [5]

13 Dec

Good Sunday to you all.

Here’s the news, better late than never…

First a shoe, now a statue – A statue was thrown (or was he punched?) at the ever scandalous Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who was signing autographs during a rally in Milan. An innovative, but an extremely silly thing to do since the assailant is already in custody. Drawing blood from an Italian prime minister? Not so smart.

Tiger loses another sponsor – and no one is surprised.

Hopenhagen – as the summit continues, U.S. responsibility over the Alberta oilsands has surfaced, and activists are a plenty (and are arrested left, right and centre).

And finally, my two favourite weird news pieces this week:

In the most Willy Wonka fashion, a man dies from exploding chewing gum, and a woman was arrested for impersonating a witch and scamming a lawyer out of over $100,000.

Happy trails to you.

Just A Quick Thought

10 Dec

Is it just me or does this seem impractical? A porcelain portable cup? Wouldn’t your hot drink get cold quickly?

I get the eco and the reusable but come on. Beyond the environmentally friendly aspect, what is the benefit of this thing? Knowing me, I would drop it and break it the moment I got it. Almost did at Chapters today.

Anyone have one of these things? Planning on getting one?

Speaking of things to hold hot drinks, I have a weird obsession with these Bodum glasses: Continue reading


8 Dec

So I made this video when I was working for Virgin and someone in the comments section accused me of wasting paper.

To reduce my paper waste, I am going to re-post it on Romi Says. Besides, it’s not wasting paper if it’s a MASTERPIECE, right?

and I recycled the paper so SCREW YOU.

Canada’s Got Some ‘Splaining To Do

7 Dec

Sometimes it’s cool to be the rebel but in Canada’s case, it ain’t such a hot idea.

I now understand why Stephen Harper was so resistant in to go to the climate summit in Copenhagen, no one wants him there.

This is the first paragraph of a Globe and Mail article. Sums it up pretty nicely.

The country “is the dirty old man of the climate world,” according to a recent Guardian article. Another prominent article published ahead of the Copenhagen climate-change summit called it a “corrupt petro-state.” Various diplomats and scientists have rallied for its expulsion from international organizations.

Well that sucks. Good ‘ole polite Canada isn’t so appealing anymore. And guess what? Alberta’s oil sands isn’t the only point of attack. We have one of the highest levels of per-person greenhouse gas emissions. We could blame it on our volatile climate but that isn’t a good enough excuse. Continue reading

Romi Reads The News [4]

6 Dec

Good Sunday to you all.

And here is some stuff going on in some places at one time or another:

Clubbers beware – A fire in a Russian nightclub kills at least 112 people. Russia looks to enforce stricter fire safety standard. Makes me wonder, how safe are clubs in Toronto?

Another winner Maratimes Tory – First there was Keddy, now there is Carl Urquhart, a conservative MLA for York who said on his Facebook: “Girls, we need more babies or we will never be able to support our future.” He has since apologized, shocker. Perhaps you should invest in some duct tape for your mouth.

Copenhagreen – The climate summit starts this week in Copenhagen. Expect to see foreign leaders crowding public transit and drinking tap water. Not. I’m sure most will opt for fuel efficient limos, who are we kidding? Continue reading

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