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Summer Swag

19 May

After five days of rain, I began to give up on summer. Begrudgingly putting on socks, a jacket and a scarf to go to work every morning seemed like a routine that would keep repeating itself like groundhog day (damn you, socks). And then this crazy thing happened. As if it were a sign from the Spaghetti Monster itself, on my way to Value Village, this big ball of fire began to peak through the clouds. I almost forgot what sunshine looked and felt like (and happiness, and skin pigmentation).

I consider this a weather-induced stroke of luck because damn did I get some good sh*t from Value Village. It’s one of those places that is not for the impatient or the non-creative. I am only sometimes those things.

Usually when I go to VV Boutique, I come with a game plan but can never find what I’m looking for. This time around, (I swear it’s the Spaghetti Monster) I hit the nail on the head. My top summer item is maxi-anything (maxi dress, skirt, pad…no, not that). VV was to deliver me maxi skirts and did it ever do me right.

3 skirts, 1 blazer, $40.


Want to see them?


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WORN, Je T’aime

29 Sep

Sunday I went to the Word On The Street festival , and event showcasing all sorts of Canadian literary talent. It’s amazing how diverse the literary world is even in Canada. With niche magazines for just about everything, and associations for the most obscure genres, it was a great way to experience the independent, offbeat side to writing.

As you could imagine I was drawn particularly to the more alternative publications like Broken Pencil, Feathertale Review, and WORN Fashion Journal, all of which were sold at a fantastically reasonable price.

I was most familiar with WORN previous to WOTS from glancing at their website once in a while, but I never picked up a publication. When at the festival Continue reading

Beauty Personified

21 Sep

As influenced by Vice’s Dos and Don’ts, I have decided that this is the right time to share the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen with you. I’ve been waiting for months for this moment since I first laid my eyes on her at a Santorini bus stop.

I know you’re not supposed to wear white after Labour day but for her, we can make exceptions…

An image of class and purity, accented with hot pink.

Brace yourself for this braless wonder.

Rapid Review: SATC2

10 Jun

I’m sure you’ve all read the reviews, so did I, but I went anyways. So I don’t bore you, I’ll think in point-form with visual accompaniment. Let’s make this a quickie, Samantha won’t mind.

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Stuff Romi Likes: Summer Edition

25 May

Haven’t done a “Romi Likes” in a while.

Now that summer is here, my “want” list is piling up (and my have list is pretty static).

DISCLAIMER: I don’t technically actually know anything about fashion, but I love it nonetheless. As much as I love the snobbery of Lookbook, leave it on that site. I just want to go shopping, damnit.

Here are my sartorial desires / recommendations:

1. One shoulder dress – So cute, so summery. Perhaps in a colourful print would be ideal, probably the only thing (apart from the willingness to spend money) keeping me from buying this. The one below is from lulus.com

2. Elastic Sandals Continue reading

Stuff Romi Likes: “I Want That” Edition

17 Mar

You liked what I liked last week. I figured I would do it again, but this time, with things I would like to have in my possession.

1. Bright yellow rainboots – It’s the cliche spring item, but they’re so delightfully adorable! Whenever I’m wearing rainboots, I always have the urge to jump in giant puddles…because I can. If only I could find a pair on the cheap….

2. Trench coat – Another classic piece. I saw some super cute ones at Club Monaco, but what I really really want is some Burberry.

3. A job – If someone will pay me to do something at some point in the near future, that would be ideal. Preferably a fun job like blogging, or writing something, anything…. Who am I kidding though, all the awesome jobs are unpaid internships. A girl can dream, right? (Will send resume if requested…will work for clothes) Continue reading

I’ll Read What They’re Reading

30 Jan

I’d just like to thank Vman magazine for their Bruce Weber photographed shoot entitled “How To Read“. Perhaps it should be incorporated into high school curriculums with a female photo counterpart in order to encourage adolescents to pick up a book or six. Just a suggestion.

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How Lazy Are We?

11 Jan

looking sideways seductively doesn't make this any sexier...

In our automated world, where there is little reason to utilize fine motor skills, yet another piece of useless nonsense cloaked as “practical fashion” bares its ugly head in the marketplace. This is J.C. Penny’s version of the Snuggie (via cocoperez). It’s the illegitimate lovechild of a bath robe and a Snuggie, you know, in case someone is too lazy to put on clothing, but doesn’t think it’s appropriate to leave the house in a bath robe??? Is that the designers’ logic? Continue reading

Tisn’t The Season Anymore

7 Jan

I’m all for the cyclical seasonal nature of fashion, out with the old, in with the new, but perhaps it should slow down a little bit.

It’s the beginning of January, and spring lines are already emerging. A couple days ago I went to my local mall which is quite small and semi-upscale but has the usual GAP, Roots etc… My mission was to find a pair of warm mittens. I knew some of the retailers in the mall had sold some this season as I had seen them there a month or so ago. To my surprise, I found NOTHING. No one was carrying any kind of gloves anymore except for Roots which had fingerless gloves (what’s the point?).

In a place like freezing cold, snowy Canada, sometimes practicality trumps fashion, or should at least.

I’m ready for spring, yes, but not unless I can survive winter.

Snood Part Two: The Thood

5 Dec

Remember our chat about Snoods? (a.k.a the hood and scarf fusion). WELL, I have found the ultimate illegitimate lovechild of said clothing item.

I guess you can also wear this in winter, but you’ll be pretty cold. I’m not really sure how this will fly in hotter months either, come to think of it. Maybe someone will be a slutty alien next halloween.

Brace yourselves: Continue reading

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