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Rapid Review: SATC2

10 Jun

I’m sure you’ve all read the reviews, so did I, but I went anyways. So I don’t bore you, I’ll think in point-form with visual accompaniment. Let’s make this a quickie, Samantha won’t mind.

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Romi Reviews – Capitalism: A love story

6 Apr

The communist world is fallin apart/
the capitalists are just breakin hearts/
money is the reason to be.

As the opening credits begin to roll, Iggy Pop’s anti-capitalist anthem, Louie Louie plays sardonically alongside footage from robberies of American homes and businesses. And so begins Michael Moore’s latest documentary on the plight of middle-class America.

Similar in theme to previous Moore films such as Roger & Me (1989) and Sicko (2007), Capitalism: A love Story follows the desperate plea of, forgive me for using a Palinism, Joe Six-Pack, in his fight against the “man”. More specifically, the writer-director looks to find out how the rich have become so rich, while the poor are trying hard, and often unsuccessfully to hold on to the little that they have.

In Moore’s mind, Wall Street is filled with greedy criminals; reverse Robin Hoods, who steal from the poor to give to the rich. In fact, at multiple times during the film, he half-jokingly attempts to enter corporate offices to conduct citizen arrests on company executives for crimes against the working class. Continue reading

Romi Watches Some Movies

5 Jan

A month away from academic realities has given me plenty of time to get my cinema on. Fortunately, I’ve enjoyed every movie I’ve seen in the past couple weeks. I thought, for your benefit, I would review said movies briefly.


Director: Lee Daniels         Starring: Gabourey Sidibe Continue reading

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