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I Need A Name Change

10 Mar

Romi Says just isn’t sexy enough.

Lucky for me, what has been described by the CBC as “a popular domain on the internet” is now on the market. Yes, sex.com, probably the site most commonly typed by 13 year old boys into the address bar of their browser is being auctioned off in New York on March 18.

Imagine the possibilities! what a surprise unsuspecting teens and adventurous 60 year olds alike will get when instead of porn, they find the blog of a smart ass journalism student? VICTORY IS MINE!

…or is it? Continue reading

Nielsen: Welcome To The Internet Age

26 Jan

Known for measuring media audiences since the 1950s, Nielsen is finally taking into account Internet TV show viewings as part of their ratings system come August of this year. What took them so long?

If successful in expanding their rating system using this “extended screen service”, Nielsen could potentially change the way that people consume, companies advertise, and essentially, what stays on the air and what is no longer relevant.

Right now, networks don’t have a clear idea of which shows have a huge online following. Programs that have low ratings when watched live could potentially be viewed by thousands if not millions more online (over and over again) causing their ratings to be much higher than anticipated.

This online focus may encourage advertisers to invest in online commercials thus supporting the accessibility of online features of television shows.

Looking forward to seeing this play out.

10 Ways To Waste Time Until 2010

30 Dec

If I got paid for every hour I spend surfing the net, I would be filthy rich. Not something I’m proud of, but as a result of my addiction, I am pretty confident that I know a thing or two about cool sites around the interwebs.

Since everyone is jumping on the countdown bandwagon, I figured, heck, why don’t I do the same?

In the true spirit of nerdiness, and because being inside in on the computer is way more enjoyable than being outside in the freezing cold, here are my top ten websites of 2009:

10. Awkward family photos – What is more entertaining than seeing the goofy glamour shots of off-centred families? Nothing really. Whenever I want to feel normal, I spend a couple minutes hours on AFP.

9. Cracked – if you have a penchant for strange facts and conspiracy theories, check it out. Want to learn a badass skill in a week? Read this article to learn how. Just a taste of the odd, but fascinating stuff you dig through. Continue reading

I Heart Arianna

2 Dec

Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post spoke at a journalism conference in Washington DC. Her plan of action? Dispel Rupert Murdoch’s claims that old and new media cannot synergize, mainly because it’s already taking place, even within his umbrella of operations. Take that Murdoch!

I’ve heard arguments for the death of journalism and against. Huffington’s is one of the most sensible I’ve read. What is often forgotten is journalism and newspapers are separate entities. Fearing the death of the newspaper does NOT mean journalism is going down with it, although Huffington believes newspapers aren’t goners either. Continue reading

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