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Check Out thedailyplanet.com!

30 Sep

As you may know from reading ROMISAYS, I am a whore to the publications I work for. This time is no exception.

I am currently a managing editor for thedailyplanet.com, Humber College’s online newspaper. We re-launched for the year this week and we’re off to a good start! Check out what all of the hardworking students are writing about.

And if you want to jump to what I wrote, you can find it here.

And “like” our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter.

Blogging Fail

29 May

I am sucking this week at spitting out posts.

To distract you from my incompetency, here is a video!!!!!

It’s A Blog-Eat-Blog World

4 May

Our Magworld Magazine website has officially launched!

It’s been a long time coming. Please take the time to read the articles, check out the pictures, audio, and video and appreciate all the hard work our talented team has put into our magazine.

Here’s a link to my article on the relevance of blogging for magazine publications. It includes a video interview with Todd Harrison of Spacing Magazine.

And most importantly, spread the word!!!! Share the link to the site / my article with everyone that you know. We are a tiny magazine and would love for a ton of eyes to read, hear, and see what we’ve come up with.

All Work, Some Play

3 May

Being the executive editor for a student magazine takes up as much time as a full-time job, and that’s on top of the 8-class schedule I have. Hours of work to create a piece, who knows how many people will see. Slaving, stressing, arguing, making the tiniest decisions, and was it worth it?


We are publishing the mag this week, finally! Thankfully, I thrive on no sleep, too many hours, and no money, so surviving this ordeal was a manageable feat, and boy did I learn a heck of a lot.

For those looking to get involved in a print publication and for vets who know way more than I do about the process but would enjoy being amused by a rookie’s antics, here’s a couple things I learned along the way: Continue reading

In MY Humble Opinion

16 Apr

Here’s the story behind the poll from the last post:

I was on Perez Hilton (I’m not even going to try and defend myself here.), and I noticed there was a post regarding the criticisms faced by Dancing With The Stars contestant and journalist Erin Andrews. Who was featured as the main critic? The Toronto Star‘s very own Rosie DiManno.

If you read The Star you’ll know how DiManno writes. The woman once wrote a piece about kicking someone in the balls at a McDonalds. Needless to say, she has very strong opinions, most of which I do not agree with. The fact that she holds these opinions doesn’t bother me (to an extent), because every single person is entitled to their opinions. She isn’t being a bigot, she’s just really, really enjoys complaining. It’s part of her shtick.Β  Continue reading

When I’m An Anchor…

13 Apr

I hope this happens

Newspaper Time!

11 Mar

As it is every Thursday – Time to check out what I wrote in the Humber Paper!

This week I’m tackling the pressing issue of space on campus. By pressing I mean, apparently there’s enough classroom space to support the increase in students applying to colleges. I know, fascinating. Read it anyways?

Anyways, we’ll see if actions support words in September. In the meanwhile, I suggest the school invests in some more study / computer space for those stuck lining up for computer access.

To compensate for my lack of excitingness, here is a Failblog video.

Stuff Romi Likes

9 Mar

Other sites are dedicated to the likes of a certain group of people. Why can’t that group consist of one person?

Perhaps by me liking things, you will like them too. And then we can become one big group of happy people who like stuff that Romi likes. Once we establish this group, we can create a website called “Stuff Romi and Other People With The Same Interests Like”. What do you say?

Here I go!

1. Stuff Journalists Like – Yes, I’m a rookie journalist but already, I’m coming to understand what makes people of our profession squeal with joy. Things like bylines, free food, and crazy people are among the contributions.

(if you like this, you will most definitely also like Overheard In The Newsroom)

2. Canvas Shoes – Continue reading

Double Whammy

25 Feb

After a long week of severe sleep deprivation, all my hard work has paid off. I have not one but TWO articles in the Humber Paper!

While I jump for joy (and by that I mean work on articles for the next paper) you can check out what I wrote.

The first is on the low level of grammatical skill post-secondary schoolers have. OMG!

The second is on poverty in post-secondary schools, featuring notes from a lecture given by Dr. Grace-Edward Galabuzi.

Feel free to comment on the Et Cetera site.

Epic Journalism Win

23 Dec

The strict laws governing what journalists can or can’t say in Canada is loosening its grip. As the Globe and Mail reports, the defence of ‘responsible journalism’, allowing journalists to defend themselves against defamation if they can prove they took all necessary steps to provide an objective truth, has been recognized by the supreme court.

Since this ruling, responsible journalism has only been recognized in the court of appeal, so this is a huge step towards more realistic laws regarding the limits of reporting.

Globe and Mail editor in chief, John Stackhouse says: Continue reading

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