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I’m In The Mood For Blogging

7 Sep

And it took me long enough.

After plenty of time minding my own beeswax, I have finally decided to re-infiltrate the blogosphere. Sorry for the slackage. I can’t even say that I was busy, because I was hardly. I just didn’t think that summer Romi would give you the quality content you deserve. Hopefuly fall Romi will. Who knows?

Anyhoo, as always, I’m looking for guest bloggers so if you would like to be published on the blog, let me know! (either via comment or e-mail:

I know you missed me.

More of this to come:

p.s. Like my camels? My banner is officially non-permanent. Keep checking in for frequent changes!

Summertime Slacking

7 Jun

Oh yeah, I have a blog!

I apologize, faithful patrons for ignoring you these past couple of days. I was distracted by quite a few things and I neglected the internets in the process.

What have I been doing, you ask?

– I’ve been reading The girl with the dragon tattoo, and I can’t put it down. You should probably pick it up.

– I explored an abandoned house which may or may not have been haunted. Slightly terrifying but quite exhilerating.

– Went to my first Stag and Doe on the weekend. I won a bag of nuts, and they are delicious (don’t even…)

– Had a delicious portobello mushroom burger from Bungalow in London, ON. It was reasonable (9.99) and you could put as many toppings as desired. Delicious. They also had bison, buffalo, turkey, tuna, and beef burgers for the carnivores.

What a boring post!

Sorry about that.

If anyone wants to guest blog, you are more than welcome. Make me something fun! Or throw some topics at me that I could write about that you are interested in.

Much love,


I Want You So Bad

27 Mar

In a quest to fill my blog with wonderful goodness everyday, I realised it’s a hard task to do on your lonesome.

In light of this, and because there are so many talented writers on the interwebs, I’m opening up my blog to you, potential guest poster. If you are interested in getting published online and have something cool to say, email me at with a post idea. This could be a written piece, a poem, a video, photography, anything.

This blog is your oyster.

And on top of all of this, I will pay you…

….in high fives.

Greg Says: May The 4th Be With You

12 Mar

I’ve been telling Greg to write a piece for my blog forever, and finally, he did it. As a connoisseur of Canadian independent music, he would like to share with you a very important date. Mark off your calendars ladies and gents.

During a recent not-so-sober conversation with a friend of mine, the question of favourite album of 2010 came up, a fairly common subject between the two of us. But alas, imagine our surprise when I could not think of anything to tell him. Me! Someone so quick to name drop, or at least eager for the opportunity to do so. Frankly, I’m still caught up in the hangover that was 2009, still listening to last years favourites, still waiting on something from this year to take over the subject of this conversation.

I believe my answer was Contra by Vampire Weekend, the same answer as anyone above the age of 14, but really, what has come out so far worthy to compete with the top spot? Continue reading

Sick Leave And Other Wonderous Things

2 Feb

Hello valued readers,

My apologies for my previous and possibly future absences. It seems as though I have a case of the common cold. In between sniffles, I thought I would give you the heads up that my blog-frequency may not be too high this week so that I can recover and bring you informative (and not so informative) goodness.

I hope you didn’t waste your time watching the Grammys. Performances were sub par (minus Gaga and Pink), I didn’t have any 3D glasses, and Tarantino made me extremely uncomfortable. Also, Jamie Foxx is an unnecessary addition to any media event. Continue reading

Adil Says: Inane Thoughts from an Inane Individual

20 Jan

As we approach the birth of my baby (and by ‘baby’, I mean My City Lives), it’s time to close shop on my guest blogging here on Romi Says and tend to the impending demands of my little guy. Accordingly, my hope was to close out with a bang but with that goal in mind, I found it impossible to settle on one topic. Eventually, like a true dabbler, I settled on several topics and providing my inane thoughts regarding them:

  • I’m not a cat person (nothing against them but my preference are Angora Rabbits) but I found myself really interested and moved by the death of Casper the Cat, who boarded the bus  outside his house every day to hitch a ride. I couldn’t help but wonder if Casper were in Toronto, would they make him pay the extra fair now that the TTC has raised its prices? My guess is yes and refusal to do so by Casper would have resulted in a trip to the Toronto Humane society which we recently learnt was one of the more inhumane places in the city.
  • I recently received a Facebook Fan Page invite for an individual I have as friend on Facebook. Nothing against them, but I thought it was a peculiar thing for them to do themselves, so much so, that I’m considering the ‘de-friend’. If you’re the one making the fan club of yourself, its probably premature. Just saying.
  • Still on Facebook Fan pages, like everyone else I get invites for everything under the sun (and in some cases, a fan club for the ‘sun’ itself). I usually hit accept to support those doing the inviting but the result is a totally skewed picture of who I am on my profile page. I wouldn’t have cared all that much until I started doing interviews and noticed that someone can see who you’re a fan of despite not being friends. So think twice next time you Fan your friend’s Toronto Tantric Lovers page. I know I will.
  • Hands up if you know someone trying to improve their exposure by creating a “Help Haiti” campaign. My PSA: There are so many ways to help people; you can easily avoid the self serving.
  • Apparently Tiger Woods was spotted coming out a Sex clinic. Do you think a lot of people hear this and think in their head, “I would love to have the problem which lead to that problem”.

All right, that’s it for me. It’s been a pleasure contributing to Romi’s virtual destination of debauchery and I encourage you to do the same. No lie, I just came back from an interview with a journalist who read my first piece on the Mayor race so it really, truly, does get you places. Especially if you are a sex addict who just started your very own Facebook fan club and was looking to drum up followers.

Help Haiti, seriously.

Adil (

Adil Says: Its OK to Touch me [on the TTC]

6 Jan

Photo from Greg G. in the Toronto Flicker Stream

In Tanzania, a popular way to get around the city is on a ’10 seat’ mini bus called a ‘dalla dalla’. Riding a dalla dalla is always memorable because the concept of set seating simply does not exist. People literally pile on top of each other and although initially alarming, you get used to the reality of sitting in people’s laps or resting your head in another’s bosom. Rest assured, it’s uncomfortable and smelly, but there’s also some camaraderie and people are genuinely okay with the situation. Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

25 Dec

Why are you even looking at this right now? No surfing the interwebs on Christmas! …unless you’re not Christian which is a big chunk of the population isn’t it? Well enjoy your day off, catch up on some older posts, and draft some new ones for me!

Remember, if you’re interested in writing for me, just send me an idea, and you may be published!

Also, I just wanted to thank everyone who has contributed to the blog over its short existence. Continue reading

And So It Goes…

19 Dec

It’s Saturday, let me have a lazy day! You work me to the bone, but I still love you.

Reminder: Guest blogging opportunities are ALWAYS available, so please write for me.

And for you, a surprised cat.

Adil Says: Cycling Sucks – Join the Rollerblade Revolution

16 Dec

I didn’t know how to ride a bike until I was 18. Yes, I took the training wheels off about ten years later than the rest of you.  I only mention this to establish that bike culture has always been foreign to me, a fact that I had long lamented given how it’s grown to represent youth culture, conscious living and healthy being. At the risk of sounding like an image-conscious teenager, biking had become cool and I wanted in. Continue reading

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