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Beyond A Matter Of Pride

11 Jun

The atmosphere in Toronto is tense not only as a result of the massive price tag put on the G20 summit, but also in light of a controversial decision made by the organizers of the city’s annual pride parade.

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid has been banned from participating in the parade unless they undergo a name change because, according to parade authorities and the provincial government, “Israeli Apartheid” is a term that is hateful and offensive.

Has the line been drawn too soon? Continue reading

Romi Reads The News [8]

10 Jan

Happy Sunday to you all.

Even though our prime minister doesn’t feel like working today, I’m taking one for the team.

Here’s your news, ladies and gents:

Grown Ups can call time outs too – As we saw this week in the Harper government, when things get too rough, the most logical choice (apparently) is to prorogue parliament, essentially putting any federal government activity on a stand still.

Does this mean that if I have a tight deadline to meet, I can just call my boss and say, “listen, let’s just put everything we’re doing on hold for a week or two, and after some time off, MAYBE we can get back to doing some real work. I’m sure our clients would understand.”

Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson – Northern Ireland’s First Minister’s wife got herself into a little tizzy this week channeling another Mrs. Robinson (think the Graduate). Uber conservative Iris Robinson has been having an affair with a 19 year old man for over a year. Embarrassing but so funny. Continue reading

Then What DID You Mean, Keddy?

25 Nov

Gerald Keddy, a Conservative MP in Nova Scotia, has a way with words.

In a newspaper article for the Chronicle Herald, he suggested farmers in Nova Scotia should hire migrant workers because those unemployed “no-good bastards” don’t want the work. OOPSIES!

He has since issued an apology which is all good and jolly, but question for Mr. Keddy: What enticed you to use those words in the first place?

There was clearly a method to the malice because no one in their right mind would say that off the cuff, especially as a politician knowing he/she was on the record.

What I found particularly amusing in his apology is that he failed to say what he meant by “no-good bastards”, instead he told us what he “should have said”. Usually when there’s an apology issued for the misuse of a word, there is some sort of explanation in terms of what was meant by said word. I guess in this case, we know exactly what he meant, and he knows he was not the sharpest tool in the shed for saying it.

NDP MP Peter Stoffer thinks a resignation is in order for ‘Just Kidding’ Keddy.

I think the irony of the proposed situation is marvelous. Once an MP, now a “no-good bastard”.



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