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Romi Reviews: “Born Free” – M.I.A

27 Apr

[Img: Banksy]

Here’s a link to M.I.A’s new music video “Born Free” (because WP won’t let me embed Vimeo vids…shame). Watch before reading this post.

I don’t know, guys. Here’s my initial reaction: The inability to speak, move, understand what happened in the last 7+ minutes. Let’s break it down…

The song I instantly loved, but I need to listen to it separately from the video, because part of the music’s appeal was the power with pictures. I found a strong connection between M.I.A’s new sound and the Chemical Brothers…did anyone else pick up on that? I look forward to hearing the rest of the album. Continue reading

You Shouldn’t Kick A Ginger

24 Nov

I hate to say “when I was their age” but I’m saying it. When I was 11, there was no Facebook, maybe a glimpse of a chat program (ICQ?), and no cyberbullying, but we were still mean kids.

Bullying is not something new but the nature of it is different. My sister is 11 and I thank the internet gods every day that she doesn’t have Facebook yet.

Yes social networking sites can be used by pre-teens correctly but it opens up way too many doors for passive-aggressive kinds of abuse that kids aren’t ready to handle at such a young age. Facebook hate groups, refusing to friend someone, vulnerability regarding who finds them on these sites–all concerns that I know I wouldn’t have coped with in middle school.

Just last week, a scandal at my sister’s school. Kids were suspended acting on “Kick a Ginger Day”. Details of the situation are undisclosed for the privacy of those involved.

In the Star today, students were suspended at a Burlington Elementary school for going through with the assault on fellow classmates.

What’s being done in elementary schools to monitor their student’s use of social networking sites?

Do parents have the responsibility to educate their children on the dangers of internet consumption?

The floor is open – Debate away

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