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TTC Diaries: Streetcar Roulette

16 Mar

The TTC may be the death of me…literally.

After a hectic week of sleep deprivation, I was looking forward to welcoming the weekend with a downtown house party celebrating a friend’s birthday.

Living in North York, I had quite the trek via public transportation to make it down South, but alas, I arrived at Yonge and Dundas scot-free.

Due to heavy precipitation, the Friday night streetcar was full of damp-smelling urban commuters, but despite the stench I was glad to get out of the rain. My 10 minute ride was brief yet enjoyable, but little did I know, as I was making my way down the steps, a cab was fast approaching. Continue reading

TTC Diaries: Metropass

2 Mar

Dear Diary,

I hate to play the customer service card but I have to in this case.

If there is a demand for Metropasses, then supply it. Commuters shell out $121 every month so that they can have the convenience of traveling around the city, to and from work, school, and wherever else they need to go. These people are willing to pay the TTC for this service, and the TTC should, in theory, provide the means to do so.

Problem is, you can’t get the Metropass ANYWHERE. A couple days into the month and most places are sold out of the card, including the bookstore on the Humber campus, a place where there should be a generous stock of passes. Continue reading

TTC Diaries: Manners

24 Feb

Dear Diary,

I make sure to thank my bus driver every single time I get off of the bus. The man / woman just drove me an hour to get to where I want to go. You wouldn’t thank your friend for giving you a lift somewhere?

Amidst the silly scandals, it’s important to give credit where credit is due. I’m sure a lot of TTC folk that work their butts off to serve you are feeling a little down from all this bad press.

A quick thank you can go a long way. Sounds cheesy, and I apologize for talking to you like a child, but the majority of people riding the bus with me every morning are incapable of blurting out a quick “thank you” to the person who got them to Humber College 3 times faster than it would have taken them on the Finch bus.

A thank you.



TTC Diaries: If I Were The TTC Chair

12 Feb

I would..

10. Appoint a subway car to be the “party car” that is decorated in a different theme every week. Everyone will want a ride on the party car, trust me.

9. No pants subway ride would be once a month.

8. Find private investors. I know selling the TTC off is a scary thought, but it could work if it was heavily regulated.

7. Implement an actual customer service program. Continue reading

TTC Diaries: Coffee Breaks

4 Feb

Dear Diary,

I know they’re trying the customer service thing, but has the TTC been living under a rock for the past couple of years? Did they not realise their bus drivers ALWAYS take food / ATM / coffee breaks while on shift? Why are they only apologizing now?

For as long as I’ve been taking busses (a relatively long time in my relatively short life), I’ve had bus drivers stop the bus to grab a little something something. On my first day at Humber, I took the Finch bus (which took 2.5 hours to get from Finch station to Finch and Islington. I was  so late for school, I had to taxi the rest of the way because someone puked on the bus and they kicked everyone off, only to have to wait for another bus which didn’t come). Midway through the trip, the bus driver got out of the bus for 15 minutes (!!) much to the dismay of outraged students and people trying to get to work. This has happened multiple times on the Finch bus at the exact same place, to the point where I decided to completely change my route.

Note to Humber students: Wilson 96 takes 50 minutes to get to school whereas Finch takes almost 3 times longer (for the same distance, and a more direct route).

So is the new customer service policy for the TTC that they will pay attention to the complaints that get publicized rather than ignoring all complaints always? Because I’m POSITIVE people ratting on the TTC ain’t a new thing.

Oh Diary, when will they ever learn?



TTC Diaries: Awkward Timing

27 Jan

Dear Diary,

Toronto Transit Commission has been getting a lot of media coverage in the past week eh?

But does the good press outweigh the bad? Let’s investigate! Continue reading

TTC Diaries: Sleeping On The Job

23 Jan

Dear Diary,

It’s been a while since my last entry. I’ve been adjusting to the winter morning commute. Luckily there hasn’t been enough snow to freak out the bus system and drive it into a frenzy, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

Have you seen this picture?


Continue reading

TTC Diaries: Playlist 2

18 Dec

Dear Diary,

Winter on the TTC can be rough. Adding an extra hour of traveling time means extra effort is needed to keep busy / sane. Anything that can keep you from looking out of the window.

For TTC communters, and music enthusiasts alike, I created another playlist for your aural enjoyment.

Feel free to share your playlist ideas on the blog and your list could potentially be the spotlight of next week’s TTC Diaries!

Get a playlist! Standalone player

TTC Diaries: Ashley Madison

12 Dec

Dear Diary,

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials. A dating website for those committed to a spouse but want something on the side. Well, this sad excuse for an organization was very close to plastering their crap all over TTC vehicles. “Life is short. Have an affair,” is what the ads would say. Thankfully, the TTC rejected AM’s $200,000 campaign.

Of course everyone has a different moral worldview. What may be controversial to one person may be the norm for another, but I’ve always thought of adultery as the standard moral ground. How can something like this be considered good when it causes so much harm? We are not nihilists, this shouldn’t become a standard ideology, and yet it kind of is. Look at Woods and Letterman – men who caused so much harm yet are getting our sympathy. Let them be shamed.

It’s kind of like this: Continue reading

TTC Diaries: Playlist

1 Dec

Dear Diary,

Despite the smells, the waiting, the cold, and the crowding, I like commuting on the bus every morning. Being able to sit and relax for an hour at the break of dawn listening to music and reading the paper is a nice way to wake up.

Music, for me, is the main contributor to my transit enjoyment. It is my time to catch up on new music or to reacquaint myself with something I haven’t listened to in a long time. I am taken out of my environment and into the world of the artist I am listening to.

I’m sure you can relate to this escapist feeling, Diary, even if you don’t take public transit.

I made a playlist for tomorrow’s commute, and I wanted to share it with you.

What would you put on your TTC playlist?

Till next time, Diary,


(p.s. Click pop-out player to view the playlist, or make your own!)

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