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Meow [Video]

8 Nov
Special thanks to Holy Fuck for creating a music video that combined their sweet, sweet tunes with cheesy cat youtube videos. Now I can hear / watch both at the same time!
My life is complete.

Weekly Disturbances

10 May

I understand the world like I understand this picture. Via pictureisunrelated

The world is a strange place, ladies and gentleman.

Here are some extremely odd things that I don’t completely understand, but perhaps you can make some sense of them for me:

Exhibit A:

(exotic) Dancing Babies – Why are they five and wearing no clothing and doing….oh god no…. and why are people cheering? I really hope this is just a little-people dance troupe. If that’s the case, they can have a reality show called “little people, big stage”. I’m sure this video will be re-screened at the annual pedophile convention. Shiver me timbers.

Exhibit B:

Sliding Baby – This reminds me of the episode of family guy when Peter loses all his bones. The title of this video includes the world “hilarious” which it definitely is not. I’m all for chubby babies. I adore them, but I think with the sound effects and all, it scares me a tad bit. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid of fish, especially fish out of water. Blech. Sorry slidey-baby.

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TTC Diaries: Youtube Edition

26 Nov

Dear Diary,

Procrastination is a wonderful thing sometimes. In my most stressful week, I guarantee you 90 per cent of my time has been spent not doing what I was supposed to do.

On one of my many (many….many) distracted moments, I decided to look up “TTC” on Youtube.

For your viewing pleasure, Diary, I have compiled my favourite vids related to the good ole Toronto Transit Commission.

1. I Get On (The TTC) – A Rap Video. Awesomely catchy with just a pinch of autotune. East side…south side…west side…word!

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