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Summertime Slacking

7 Jun

Oh yeah, I have a blog!

I apologize, faithful patrons for ignoring you these past couple of days. I was distracted by quite a few things and I neglected the internets in the process.

What have I been doing, you ask?

– I’ve been reading The girl with the dragon tattoo, and I can’t put it down. You should probably pick it up.

– I explored an abandoned house which may or may not have been haunted. Slightly terrifying but quite exhilerating.

– Went to my first Stag and Doe on the weekend. I won a bag of nuts, and they are delicious (don’t even…)

– Had a delicious portobello mushroom burger from Bungalow in London, ON. It was reasonable (9.99) and you could put as many toppings as desired. Delicious. They also had bison, buffalo, turkey, tuna, and beef burgers for the carnivores.

What a boring post!

Sorry about that.

If anyone wants to guest blog, you are more than welcome. Make me something fun! Or throw some topics at me that I could write about that you are interested in.

Much love,


I Want You So Bad

27 Mar

In a quest to fill my blog with wonderful goodness everyday, I realised it’s a hard task to do on your lonesome.

In light of this, and because there are so many talented writers on the interwebs, I’m opening up my blog to you, potential guest poster. If you are interested in getting published online and have something cool to say, email me at romisez@gmail.com with a post idea. This could be a written piece, a poem, a video, photography, anything.

This blog is your oyster.

And on top of all of this, I will pay you…

….in high fives.

Sick Leave And Other Wonderous Things

2 Feb

Hello valued readers,

My apologies for my previous and possibly future absences. It seems as though I have a case of the common cold. In between sniffles, I thought I would give you the heads up that my blog-frequency may not be too high this week so that I can recover and bring you informative (and not so informative) goodness.

I hope you didn’t waste your time watching the Grammys. Performances were sub par (minus Gaga and Pink), I didn’t have any 3D glasses, and Tarantino made me extremely uncomfortable. Also, Jamie Foxx is an unnecessary addition to any media event. Continue reading

And So It Goes…

19 Dec

It’s Saturday, let me have a lazy day! You work me to the bone, but I still love you.

Reminder: Guest blogging opportunities are ALWAYS available, so please write for me.

And for you, a surprised cat.

Adil Says: Toronto’s Next Mayor Could Be My Mom

2 Dec

I had the pleasure of working with Adil while blogging for Virgin Mobile. He is quite the Renaissance man, juggling a blog, a Twitter project, and an up and coming initiative, My City Lives (Think a Yelp and Youtube fusion with a Toronto focus) while being an absolute sex bomb.

In the next couple weeks, leading to the launch of My City Lives, he will be writing a Toronto-themed guest post every other Wednesday on Romi Says.

Without further adieu, here is our first installment of Adil Says:

In 2010 Toronto will be electing a new Mayor and if you haven’t been paying attention to this story you really haven’t missed much. Currently, the confirmed or potential candidates are either top heavy on baggage and lacking in inspiration. Not surprisingly, this was the case the last time Toronto elected a Mayor and it resulted in the darkhorse candidate (Mayor David Miller) emerging victorious. This has inspired me to consider who might be the darkhorse this year and for your consideration, here are the 5 I’d love to see run: Continue reading

Saturday, It’s Saturday.

28 Nov

Happy Saturday!

I’m taking the less noble route and not writing much today. Mainly because I’m going shopping in Buffalo ala Blackweekend (the extension of black Friday, term invented by yours truly).

While you’re waiting for me to write a highly critical and well written piece, I’ll be waiting for three hours at customs, speed shopping at Target (or Tarje as I lovingly call it), and being strip searched on the way back.

I will, however, leave you with the following: Continue reading

Kyle Says: A Poem

23 Nov

Writing is such a diverse art form. One can report the news objectively and then write beautiful prose. I’m lucky to be a part of such a talented community of writers.

Speaking of which, Kyle is the author of our third guest post. Also a fellow journalism student, and now, a poet. Amazing.

Old Man With a Grey Beard

A long bearded man, who is well into his seventies, sits by himself in the corner of a dimly lit coffee shop. A newspaper is laid out in front of him. His lips move as he reads the words on the page. Occasionally his voice rises to a barely noticeable volume. After a moment he catches himself and his lips stop moving.

He takes a silver flask from the pocket of his trench coat and pours amber medicine into a disposable coffee cup.

He returns the flask to his pocket.

The old man takes a heavy swig of his liquor then wipes his beard with his forearm.

Outside the fall night is cool and dark. Continue reading

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