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Happy New Year!

31 Dec

Thanks for a great last couple of months.

See you in the new year!

10 Ways To Waste Time Until 2010

30 Dec

If I got paid for every hour I spend surfing the net, I would be filthy rich. Not something I’m proud of, but as a result of my addiction, I am pretty confident that I know a thing or two about cool sites around the interwebs.

Since everyone is jumping on the countdown bandwagon, I figured, heck, why don’t I do the same?

In the true spirit of nerdiness, and because being inside in on the computer is way more enjoyable than being outside in the freezing cold, here are my top ten websites of 2009:

10. Awkward family photos – What is more entertaining than seeing the goofy glamour shots of off-centred families? Nothing really. Whenever I want to feel normal, I spend a couple minutes hours on AFP.

9. Cracked – if you have a penchant for strange facts and conspiracy theories, check it out. Want to learn a badass skill in a week? Read this article to learn how. Just a taste of the odd, but fascinating stuff you dig through. Continue reading

Romi Reads The News [7]

29 Dec

Ah back to reality.

You can’t see me, but I’m now morbidly obese, filled to the brim with turkey, chocolate, and beer. This is the life.

Although it was a big holiday week, the world was full of bad news it seems. If you were too busy stuffing your face as well, here’s some items to catch up on:

Terror watch – An attempted airplane bombing of a plane traveling to Detroit means increased security in airports x 10000. Thankfully the suspect was detained, everyone arrived safe, but still a scary thought regarding what dangerous items may slip through the security cracks. A new twist suggests that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the suspected terrorist, was on Britain’s security watch list. Continue reading

Nothing Day

27 Dec

The days in between boxing day (or as Bob and Doug like to call them, “mystery days“) and New Years are always a weird time. After the chaos of the holidays, sitting and doing nothing, eating less, and perhaps being alone feels a little strange.

I am celebrating yet another Christmas as we speak. After never celebrating Christmas officially ever, 2 in a row is quite the ordeal. I’m trying to get in as much feasting and as many presents as I can.

Since I’m on day 4 of Jesus birthday celebrations, I can still give you more video presents.

Here is one of my favourite Canadian comedians, Jon Lajoie. Check out his Youtube channel while you’re at it. Funny guy.

I’ll Box your Day

26 Dec

For your viewing pleasure, the talented folks at Improv Everywhere. Perhaps they’ll show up in a busy mall on good ‘ole b-day?

Happy Holidays!

25 Dec

Why are you even looking at this right now? No surfing the interwebs on Christmas! …unless you’re not Christian which is a big chunk of the population isn’t it? Well enjoy your day off, catch up on some older posts, and draft some new ones for me!

Remember, if you’re interested in writing for me, just send me an idea, and you may be published!

Also, I just wanted to thank everyone who has contributed to the blog over its short existence. Continue reading

Epic Journalism Win

23 Dec

The strict laws governing what journalists can or can’t say in Canada is loosening its grip. As the Globe and Mail reports, the defence of ‘responsible journalism’, allowing journalists to defend themselves against defamation if they can prove they took all necessary steps to provide an objective truth, has been recognized by the supreme court.

Since this ruling, responsible journalism has only been recognized in the court of appeal, so this is a huge step towards more realistic laws regarding the limits of reporting.

Globe and Mail editor in chief, John Stackhouse says: Continue reading

I Like Free Things

22 Dec

The Torontoist lead me in the direction of this blog, dedicated to locating free wireless hot spots in Toronto.

I find I’m the most productive outside of my house, preferably in a coffee shop where there’s enough ambiance to keep me focused without being too distracted. This is more of an initiative to find some cool new place in Toronto to hang out with my laptop.

Any cafe recommendations?

An Education

21 Dec

What involves “kids” and “porn” but isn’t kiddy porn?

The list of top search terms for children 18 and under! Doesn’t that leave you with a warm and cozy feeling this holiday season?

Here are the top ten terms: Continue reading

Romi Reads The News [6]

20 Dec

Good day to you all.

Events that are current? Here we go…

A somber day in Hollywood, as Brittany Murphy, 32, dies of cardiac arrest. In light of this, I will only focus on the good being her role in Clueless. You will be missed, Tai.

At least some of us are getting a white Christmas. And by white, I mean over 35 centimetres of the white stuff in the Northeast. When it snows, it blizzards, as they probably say somewhere. Wonder if it’ll move farther West to these parts. Continue reading

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