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Not In My Playground

27 Sep

"The Twins" - Jonathan Hobin via Toronto Star

The Star features a piece on artist Jonathan Hobin whose new photographic series called In The Playroom recreates the heaviest most controversial events of the last decade and a half in the context of a child’s playroom. Themes include 9/11, the death of princess Diana, and the boxing day Tsunami.

Not surprisingly, the series has sparked controversy, but Hobin says there is logic in his expression: Continue reading

Country Culture [pics]

14 Jun

Recovering from an extremely busy, but lovely weekend. I managed to get to Waterloo, Buffalo, and the London area in four days.

While in London, I went to the Ailsa Craig annual town-wide garage sale. What a lovely idea! Participants sell their edible and non-edible wares on their respective lawns, attracting hundreds from neighbouring municipalities. I could see this working in smaller neighbourhoods in Toronto. In fact, I’ve been to a similar event in the College-Spadina area last summer.

Of course, a plethora of crafts, toys, and antiques can be quite photogenic, so I ended up hiding behind my camera for a large portion of my tour around the town.

Here are some pictures from my morning:

Continue reading

Baby It’s (getting) Cold Outside

20 Mar


Remember when we were basking in sunlight, wearing no jacket, or socks in my case, and there was SUN? You better keep that front and centre in your memory because the weather is going to shit again.

-3 overnight? Horrible. It’s going down to single digits for the rest of next week too…and rain….and I’m sure snow. As much as my heart is broken by the devastating news, I’m not surprised. We live in Canada people. Obviously this is going to happen. It’s just a mood killer. People are so much happier when it’s sunny and warm out.

Enough with stating the obvious. I figured I’d post some happy sunny springy summery pics to lift your spirits a little bit. Continue reading

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