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Mood: Apathetic

17 Sep

On a recent television assignment for j-school, an article surfaced which said that social media and technology are to blame for a lack of empathy among their users resulting in more self indulgence and less attention to others. Here’s a more recent version of the article.

Though the study has some merits, there are dangers with putting all of your eggs (blame) in one basket. It’s so easy to blame technology for a person’s behaviour. Not to say it’s not a factor. Go to any mall food court and you’ll see a group of teenage boys sitting in silence poking away at their smartphones. There’s no doubt they’re incapable if communicating with each other, and there’s a larger doubt that they’ll be able to communicate with partners, friends, co-workers, educators etc… in the future, but can we really blame Xbox and Twitter entirely for the disconnect? Continue reading

Holier Than Thou: The Israel Dilemma (+pics)

14 Sep

I had the opportunity to tour Israel this summer (as mentioned a million times before this). I thought I would expand a little bit on my observations and conclusions after getting a first hand look at what really goes on in a place that is so misconstrued by, well, everyone. Continue reading


20 May

What do you get when you combine news with madlibs? An explosion of awesomeness, that’s what! The nerds at Maclife have created a madlib news piece on Apple’s latest lawsuit. Here’s the lib, and my version.

The latest in a series of lawsuits was filed against Apple today, this time by The Stag Shop.

The company, best known for producing the insanely Smelly Parrot, filed claim today, alleging that Apple infringed on  Eleventy Seven of their patents relating to their Slippery Stephen Harper’s user interface, Nuclear Weapons, and underlying architecture. In conjuncture with their lawsuit, the company has also filed a complaint with The Catholic Church, asking that they put an immediate stop to Apple’s export of Ovaries to Yemen.

Apple has announced that they have let go of their entire legal department, replacing them with Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan’s first action on behalf of Apple, was to file a countersuit against The Stag Shop, claiming that they had infringed on 666 of their patents for Monkey, Burrito and elements of their Canada interface.

Speaking on behalf of Apple, Lindsay Lohan stated that “Apple cannot simply sit by while Hairy Manatees tarnish our name and conjugate our stimulus packages.”

A-thank you.

p.s. post your Maclibs below!

Big Idea, Small Space

13 May

I’ve always been one to sway towards smaller living spaces. When I drive by affluent areas like the Bridal Path, I wonder how a couple can live in such a large space. It seems so lonely to be so far away from other people.

I think there’s a lesson to be learned in modest living not only from a practical standpoint but an environmental one as well. Do humans really need as much energy as they are using?

In some cities, the population density is so high, that residents have no choice but to live almost on top of each other. Though I would prefer a little bit more space than places like Hong Kong would provide, innovative design coming from crowded places could teach us a thing or two about how we use the space in our homes.

Hong Kong architect Gary Chang was able to convert his tiny apartment into a 24 room abode by creating movable wall units that shift into different household necessities and a number of unique luxuries (like a screening room). Check out this video of the architectural genius of this apartment.


11 May

I don’t really get it why I need another social media device, but I have it.

Why not, it’s free!

Follow me!

Let’s see how long I last on this one.


29 Mar

I got the WordPress application for my phone and it won’t send the post to the interwebs. Funny because the post praises technology to a T, especially the synchronization of phone and computer yet it can’t sync a simple blog post.

No point in being all dramatic though. Maybe technology isn’t as advanced as I had hoped…..

I Can Has Social Media?

26 Mar

Check out the vid I made for My City Lives covering last week’s Toronto Blog Stars event (and last week’s blog post on the event if you’ve missed it).

And Fiddler on The Roof in Japanese…because why not?!?!

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