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The Emergence Of Organic Self-Esteem

14 Jan

Poking, pinching, and prodding is going out of style. Au natural is the new black.

Finally a healthy trend in lifestyle journalism, reality TV, and even high fashion. I’ve seen a number of outlets praising a woman’s natural form without encouraging them to revert to excessive exercising or plastic surgery. I’m blessed with a fast metabolism, but that doesn’t mean I do not respect or find beauty in women who have some meat on their bones.

Oxford University’s Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolsim recently released a study that showed a little ‘junk in the trunk’ isn’t a bad thing. A bit of fat in the thigh and butt area is considered ‘good fat’ helping to break down fats in the stomach thus preventing Diabetes and extending one’s life. Continue reading

Jersey Shore, Semi-Defence

14 Dec

Not a defence of Jersey Shore as quality programming because, as any common sensical human being would assert, it is equivalent to equating Brooke Hogan to Mozart.

UNICO, the Italian-American service organization as well as other Italian businesses and anti-defamation groups consider the show to be an insult to the Italian-American community and cite the word “Guido” as an offensive word. Although traditionally, the term is meant to depict something offensive, it seems like some young Italians have reclaimed it as a distinct social group.

In the context used by the show, I don’t see how the word is offensive. I don’t think it has the same shock value as the “N” word, for example. Guido is meant to glorify a certain kind of Italian-American 20-something [uber tanned, buffed, done up etc…]. Continue reading

TTC Diaries: Ashley Madison

12 Dec

Dear Diary,

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials. A dating website for those committed to a spouse but want something on the side. Well, this sad excuse for an organization was very close to plastering their crap all over TTC vehicles. “Life is short. Have an affair,” is what the ads would say. Thankfully, the TTC rejected AM’s $200,000 campaign.

Of course everyone has a different moral worldview. What may be controversial to one person may be the norm for another, but I’ve always thought of adultery as the standard moral ground. How can something like this be considered good when it causes so much harm? We are not nihilists, this shouldn’t become a standard ideology, and yet it kind of is. Look at Woods and Letterman – men who caused so much harm yet are getting our sympathy. Let them be shamed.

It’s kind of like this: Continue reading

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