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Epic Journalism Win

23 Dec

The strict laws governing what journalists can or can’t say in Canada is loosening its grip. As the Globe and Mail reports, the defence of ‘responsible journalism’, allowing journalists to defend themselves against defamation if they can prove they took all necessary steps to provide an objective truth, has been recognized by the supreme court.

Since this ruling, responsible journalism has only been recognized in the court of appeal, so this is a huge step towards more realistic laws regarding the limits of reporting.

Globe and Mail editor in chief, John Stackhouse says: Continue reading

Canada’s Got Some ‘Splaining To Do

7 Dec

Sometimes it’s cool to be the rebel but in Canada’s case, it ain’t such a hot idea.

I now understand why Stephen Harper was so resistant in to go to the climate summit in Copenhagen, no one wants him there.

This is the first paragraph of a Globe and Mail article. Sums it up pretty nicely.

The country “is the dirty old man of the climate world,” according to a recent Guardian article. Another prominent article published ahead of the Copenhagen climate-change summit called it a “corrupt petro-state.” Various diplomats and scientists have rallied for its expulsion from international organizations.

Well that sucks. Good ‘ole polite Canada isn’t so appealing anymore. And guess what? Alberta’s oil sands isn’t the only point of attack. We have one of the highest levels of per-person greenhouse gas emissions. We could blame it on our volatile climate but that isn’t a good enough excuse. Continue reading

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