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WORN, Je T’aime

29 Sep

Sunday I went to the Word On The Street festival , and event showcasing all sorts of Canadian literary talent. It’s amazing how diverse the literary world is even in Canada. With niche magazines for just about everything, and associations for the most obscure genres, it was a great way to experience the independent, offbeat side to writing.

As you could imagine I was drawn particularly to the more alternative publications like Broken Pencil, Feathertale Review, and WORN Fashion Journal, all of which were sold at a fantastically reasonable price.

I was most familiar with WORN previous to WOTS from glancing at their website once in a while, but I never picked up a publication. When at the festival Continue reading

Sexist Magazine Alive?

19 May

I present to you, Mag World Magazine 2010 in all its glory.

Love it like you love your own children (born and unborn). And check out the Mag World website while you’re at it!

It’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen.

The Emergence Of Organic Self-Esteem

14 Jan

Poking, pinching, and prodding is going out of style. Au natural is the new black.

Finally a healthy trend in lifestyle journalism, reality TV, and even high fashion. I’ve seen a number of outlets praising a woman’s natural form without encouraging them to revert to excessive exercising or plastic surgery. I’m blessed with a fast metabolism, but that doesn’t mean I do not respect or find beauty in women who have some meat on their bones.

Oxford University’s Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolsim recently released a study that showed a little ‘junk in the trunk’ isn’t a bad thing. A bit of fat in the thigh and butt area is considered ‘good fat’ helping to break down fats in the stomach thus preventing Diabetes and extending one’s life. Continue reading

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