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I Thought They Didn’t Understand Us

20 Sep

This is a delayed realization but this is wicked and only the slightest bit exaggerated. Going to devour a gust of wind….

And here’s the ladies’ rebuttal

and more “not the Britney Spears Toxic, the bad toxic.”

Thanks Kelly!

Cynical Life Lessons

22 Jun

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”


Cheesy quotes like the former are riddled throughout my Facebook status page posted by friends of friends who truly believe that if you wish upon a star, your dreams will come true.

Stuff No One Told Me tells me that those who obsess over Disney quotables are similar to those who watch too much porn:

This is the kind of stuff we should be teaching our kids. Continue reading

How It Began

17 Jun

Nothing Day

27 Dec

The days in between boxing day (or as Bob and Doug like to call them, “mystery days“) and New Years are always a weird time. After the chaos of the holidays, sitting and doing nothing, eating less, and perhaps being alone feels a little strange.

I am celebrating yet another Christmas as we speak. After never celebrating Christmas officially ever, 2 in a row is quite the ordeal. I’m trying to get in as much feasting and as many presents as I can.

Since I’m on day 4 of Jesus birthday celebrations, I can still give you more video presents.

Here is one of my favourite Canadian comedians, Jon Lajoie. Check out his Youtube channel while you’re at it. Funny guy.


8 Dec

So I made this video when I was working for Virgin and someone in the comments section accused me of wasting paper.

To reduce my paper waste, I am going to re-post it on Romi Says. Besides, it’s not wasting paper if it’s a MASTERPIECE, right?

and I recycled the paper so SCREW YOU.

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