Epic Journalism Win

23 Dec

The strict laws governing what journalists can or can’t say in Canada is loosening its grip. As the Globe and Mail reports, the defence of ‘responsible journalism’, allowing journalists to defend themselves against defamation if they can prove they took all necessary steps to provide an objective truth, has been recognized by the supreme court.

Since this ruling, responsible journalism has only been recognized in the court of appeal, so this is a huge step towards more realistic laws regarding the limits of reporting.

Globe and Mail editor in chief, John Stackhouse says:

“We should not take our responsibility any more lightly, but we should celebrate the fact that the heavier blinds of Canadian libel law have been pulled back,” he said. “The acceptance of this new defence by the Supreme Court of Canada will greatly advance the cause of freedom of expression, transparency and responsible journalism in Canada.”

This is a huge step for Canada. This makes me a little bit more optimistic about my future in the media world. I can at least look forward to job protection, maybe not job security. Oh well, one step at a time!


One Response to “Epic Journalism Win”

  1. Sangeeta December 23, 2009 at 1:25 pm #

    I wonder what Shanoff would have said about this, but am glad we don’t have to cram for Media Law anymore! SCC Win!

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