WORN, Je T’aime

29 Sep

Sunday I went to the Word On The Street festival , and event showcasing all sorts of Canadian literary talent. It’s amazing how diverse the literary world is even in Canada. With niche magazines for just about everything, and associations for the most obscure genres, it was a great way to experience the independent, offbeat side to writing.

As you could imagine I was drawn particularly to the more alternative publications like Broken Pencil, Feathertale Review, and WORN Fashion Journal, all of which were sold at a fantastically reasonable price.

I was most familiar with WORN previous to WOTS from glancing at their website once in a while, but I never picked up a publication. When at the festival, I got a chance to briefly chat with some of the ladies who run the show and I was pleasantly surprised at how much they exude non-snobbery. This, in fact, is the mantra of their mag.

At the beginning of its most recent issue, the self proclaimed editor-in-pants says: “Turning a blind eye to trends was a rebellious decision for a fashion publication, but it ended up giving our readers back issues filled with relevant information to collect long after leaving newsstands.”

Avoiding trends and the “buy this!!!!!!!” attitude like the plague really adds to the timelessness of each issue. Why wouldn’t you want to know the history of collars? Or the culture of button collecting?

I’ve always loved fashion but I can never keep up. I can’t rattle off the names of my 100 favourite designers (nor can I afford them) but if you tell me to throw together an outfit I enjoy, I’ll do it in a second. It’s dress-up without the intimidation of looking good or bad in comparison to other people.

I do love my Advertorial-based fashion mags as well, but they’re my pop songs to the carefully constructed melodies created by WORN.

Cheers to good writing, pretty pictures, and the passion for fashion.

p.s. check out a cute vid preview of their most recent issue!

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