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WORN, Je T’aime

29 Sep

Sunday I went to the Word On The Street festival , and event showcasing all sorts of Canadian literary talent. It’s amazing how diverse the literary world is even in Canada. With niche magazines for just about everything, and associations for the most obscure genres, it was a great way to experience the independent, offbeat side to writing.

As you could imagine I was drawn particularly to the more alternative publications like Broken Pencil, Feathertale Review, and WORN Fashion Journal, all of which were sold at a fantastically reasonable price.

I was most familiar with WORN previous to WOTS from glancing at their website once in a while, but I never picked up a publication. When at the festival Continue reading


2 Apr

The more I write, the more comfortable I am sharing my writing with others. Being a journalist-in-training and a blogger, it comes with the territory. Still, before people read my work, I am always nervous that my writing doesn’t resonate with readers. What if I’m an inherently bad writer and no one has the heart to tell me?

Writing non-fictional prose like articles or blog posts, I don’t think too hard about how much people appreciate my writing. That isn’t to say I don’t care if people do because of course I do, there just isn’t a use of fixating myself on being well-liked.

When I (attempt) to write fiction or writing that’s more stylized, I become a lot more protective of what I have created. Writing poetry I find is so deeply personal, that if someone dislikes the way I wrote a verse, it would feel as if they disliked a part of my emotions. That sounds odd and unnecessarily deep, but if I were to write a poem, it would be about personal experience or the piece would not be genuine. Continue reading

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