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Next Week

5 Feb

As I mentioned earlier this week, I will be posting interviews with two candidates for mayor of Toronto, but I decided to post them next week so be patient, get excited (but not too excited, because that would be weird.)

I hope you have a good weekend Superbowling, or not Superbowling. I will be watching, not really knowing what’s going on, while blindly cheering for a team that I haven’t been following and know nothing about (Go Saints?).

I’m sure this post will get some stray Googlers searching for “Superbowl”. To you I say, sucks to be you, you just wasted one minute of your life.

Saturday, It’s Saturday.

28 Nov

Happy Saturday!

I’m taking the less noble route and not writing much today. Mainly because I’m going shopping in Buffalo ala Blackweekend (the extension of black Friday, term invented by yours truly).

While you’re waiting for me to write a highly critical and well written piece, I’ll be waiting for three hours at customs, speed shopping at Target (or Tarje as I lovingly call it), and being strip searched on the way back.

I will, however, leave you with the following: Continue reading

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