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Baby It’s (getting) Cold Outside

20 Mar


Remember when we were basking in sunlight, wearing no jacket, or socks in my case, and there was SUN? You better keep that front and centre in your memory because the weather is going to shit again.

-3 overnight? Horrible. It’s going down to single digits for the rest of next week too…and rain….and I’m sure snow. As much as my heart is broken by the devastating news, I’m not surprised. We live in Canada people. Obviously this is going to happen. It’s just a mood killer. People are so much happier when it’s sunny and warm out.

Enough with stating the obvious. I figured I’d post some happy sunny springy summery pics to lift your spirits a little bit. Continue reading

Stuff Romi Likes

9 Mar

Other sites are dedicated to the likes of a certain group of people. Why can’t that group consist of one person?

Perhaps by me liking things, you will like them too. And then we can become one big group of happy people who like stuff that Romi likes. Once we establish this group, we can create a website called “Stuff Romi and Other People With The Same Interests Like”. What do you say?

Here I go!

1. Stuff Journalists Like – Yes, I’m a rookie journalist but already, I’m coming to understand what makes people of our profession squeal with joy. Things like bylines, free food, and crazy people are among the contributions.

(if you like this, you will most definitely also like Overheard In The Newsroom)

2. Canvas Shoes – Continue reading

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