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To Haiti, With Love

15 Jan

In light of the terrible earthquake in Haiti, I’d like to urge everyone to do their part in donating their time to raise awareness and their money to provide supplies to those who were affected.

We’re fortunate to live in Canada, for me, Toronto specifically, because we are rarely hit with extreme weather. I would imagine that if we were plagued with tragedy, other nations of the world would be quick to come to our rescue (even amidst our current unflattering reputation).

Beyond the notion of “do unto others”, we should see ourselves as representatives of Haiti in some ways. Canada has one of the largest groups of Haitian immigrants in the world (around 100,000), our Governer General Michaëlle Jean is a Hatian immigrant, and there are still Canadians living and working in Haiti.

Here is a list of organizations and their websites that are currently accepting donations (all organizations hyperlinked): Continue reading

An Education

21 Dec

What involves “kids” and “porn” but isn’t kiddy porn?

The list of top search terms for children 18 and under! Doesn’t that leave you with a warm and cozy feeling this holiday season?

Here are the top ten terms: Continue reading

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