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Shaun Says: Unfriending Gets A Dislike

18 Nov

Our very first guest post! How exciting is that?

Shaun Bernstein is a fellow journalism student. He likes long drives next to a beach and has hair the colour of fire.


Once upon a time, people used to have real life friends.

It’s true. You’d meet someone new at a party, exchange phone numbers, and make plans socially, maybe for dinner or a movie. Friendships would evolve into unique, complex relationships. Laughs were had, secrets were shared, roadtrips were remembered, and the best roadtrips barely remembered. And if a fight ensued, or a grudge was held, perhaps you didn’t speak for a while.

Of course, those days are long since over. Facebook has taken over whatever friendship means, or used to mean. Hellos have been replaced by pokes, and whatever was once said in a phonecall can now be chopped down to fit in a comment on a wall post. Writing a message is so much simpler than writing someone a letter. Really, when’s the last time anybody sent snail mail?
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