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Greg Says: May The 4th Be With You

12 Mar

I’ve been telling Greg to write a piece for my blog forever, and finally, he did it. As a connoisseur of Canadian independent music, he would like to share with you a very important date. Mark off your calendars ladies and gents.

During a recent not-so-sober conversation with a friend of mine, the question of favourite album of 2010 came up, a fairly common subject between the two of us. But alas, imagine our surprise when I could not think of anything to tell him. Me! Someone so quick to name drop, or at least eager for the opportunity to do so. Frankly, I’m still caught up in the hangover that was 2009, still listening to last years favourites, still waiting on something from this year to take over the subject of this conversation.

I believe my answer was Contra by Vampire Weekend, the same answer as anyone above the age of 14, but really, what has come out so far worthy to compete with the top spot? Continue reading

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