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Women’s Studies: Rightist vs. Common Sense

3 Feb

Women’s studies departments are transforming their programs into broader fields with different names. As such, liberal and conservative editorial teams have decided to give their 2 cents on this issue.

One particular publication feud is worth mentioning: the National Post vs. the Walrus.

Read the blog duel, but I’ll give you a quick summary.

National Post believes women’s studies programs should be eradicated and there’s no need to recognize or fight for gender equality because it’s a thing of the past. Diversity training is irrelevant, and thus men are victimized for being men.

Walrus in response calls the Post out for holding outdated views that aren’t taught by academics anymore, ignoring the need for diversity themed courses and the existence of serious gender-related issues like domestic violence and rape. They note that the Post is going too far, comparing their views to a heterosexual who doesn’t approve of the Gay Pride Parade because there isn’t a straight person’s parade. Continue reading

Romi Reads The News [8]

10 Jan

Happy Sunday to you all.

Even though our prime minister doesn’t feel like working today, I’m taking one for the team.

Here’s your news, ladies and gents:

Grown Ups can call time outs too – As we saw this week in the Harper government, when things get too rough, the most logical choice (apparently) is to prorogue parliament, essentially putting any federal government activity on a stand still.

Does this mean that if I have a tight deadline to meet, I can just call my boss and say, “listen, let’s just put everything we’re doing on hold for a week or two, and after some time off, MAYBE we can get back to doing some real work. I’m sure our clients would understand.”

Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson – Northern Ireland’s First Minister’s wife got herself into a little tizzy this week channeling another Mrs. Robinson (think the Graduate). Uber conservative Iris Robinson has been having an affair with a 19 year old man for over a year. Embarrassing but so funny. Continue reading

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