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Toronto Indecision 2010

25 Oct

A municipal election without an incumbent calls for one of the most media-hyped elections of the past couple of decades in Toronto. City dwellers have been inundated with coverage and campaign promises from mayor and councillor wannabes alike, but are they getting through to potential voters?

It seems as though there are a lot of fence-sitters, people who aren’t planning on voting, or haven’t decided yet who is worthy of their endorsement.

Most people are having trouble picking between candidates they don’t completely believe in, but publications are urging them to vote regardless, citing the direct effect of voting towards electing an appropriate, representative leader.

I recently reported for Humber TV news on the pre-elections atmosphere on campus, and I was disappointed to find scores of students who weren’t planning on voting. Not one student out of the dozen we talked to was heading to the polls today.

I want to echo the sentiment communicated by the media, and encourage everyone in the GTA to vote in their respective elections. Find something you believe in and the candidate that speaks closest to those values and stick with it.

Good luck at the polls.

If you want to see my report, watch below. It’s the first story in the newscast.

Happy voting!



Adil Says: Toronto’s Next Mayor Could Be My Mom

2 Dec

I had the pleasure of working with Adil while blogging for Virgin Mobile. He is quite the Renaissance man, juggling a blog, a Twitter project, and an up and coming initiative, My City Lives (Think a Yelp and Youtube fusion with a Toronto focus) while being an absolute sex bomb.

In the next couple weeks, leading to the launch of My City Lives, he will be writing a Toronto-themed guest post every other Wednesday on Romi Says.

Without further adieu, here is our first installment of Adil Says:

In 2010 Toronto will be electing a new Mayor and if you haven’t been paying attention to this story you really haven’t missed much. Currently, the confirmed or potential candidates are either top heavy on baggage and lacking in inspiration. Not surprisingly, this was the case the last time Toronto elected a Mayor and it resulted in the darkhorse candidate (Mayor David Miller) emerging victorious. This has inspired me to consider who might be the darkhorse this year and for your consideration, here are the 5 I’d love to see run: Continue reading

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