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Going Vintage…Don’t Resist It

10 Nov

Roger De Souza

This is a piece I wrote for l’ecole on shopping vintage for the first time. For those of you who are vintage virgins, it may be helpful 🙂

Worn out. Smelly. Old Fashioned. Unwanted. Used clothing tends to have a stigma attached to it. Some women won’t be caught dead in a vintage depot and others have an inkling of curiosity but do not know where to start.

Let’s clear the air about shopping for vintage clothing. Throw away your prejudice of the pre-loved and embrace the past!

Fashion moves in a cyclical motion. Although decades past had distinct style staples, they were all influenced by previous designs. The re-emergence of past trends like biker jackets and acid wash jeans, oversized blazers and leggings makes it clear that old items still have value and more importantly, fashion credibility.

The key to finding vintage treasures is knowing where to look but huge, often cluttered stores can be intimidating. Where to begin?

The Plan

Patience is a virtue but often it’s not enough. Fashion Blogger for The Katie Girls, Randi Bergman suggests you plan ahead before going to a vintage boutique. “Only go in there for certain items of clothing.” Have a clothing item in mind and a similar piece will stand out once you start looking.

“If you go for something like a dress, it’s all one look, you don’t have to pair things together.” Bergman Says. “Pick out the ones you like, pick out the ones you don’t like. See the colours and the fabric you like and then go from there.” Continue reading

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