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Big Idea, Small Space

13 May

I’ve always been one to sway towards smaller living spaces. When I drive by affluent areas like the Bridal Path, I wonder how a couple can live in such a large space. It seems so lonely to be so far away from other people.

I think there’s a lesson to be learned in modest living not only from a practical standpoint but an environmental one as well. Do humans really need as much energy as they are using?

In some cities, the population density is so high, that residents have no choice but to live almost on top of each other. Though I would prefer a little bit more space than places like Hong Kong would provide, innovative design coming from crowded places could teach us a thing or two about how we use the space in our homes.

Hong Kong architect Gary Chang was able to convert his tiny apartment into a 24 room abode by creating movable wall units that shift into different household necessities and a number of unique luxuries (like a screening room). Check out this video of the architectural genius of this apartment.

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