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This Is Where My Parents Come From

6 May

When I tell people my family comes from South Africa, I get a mixed reaction. Some people look at me perplexed and ask if I’m adopted / why I’m white. Those people also have the same level of intelligence as a brick wall, if not less.

Others ask me why my parents left the country, seeing as it is a beautiful place. I don’t think many realise how unsafe it is to live in SA. The integration of poverty and prosperity has created a great divide, leaving many desperate in an almost lawless environment.

Those with money seclude themselves within houses surrounded by high security fences. Walking down the road in broad daylight is now akin to risking one’s life. A thief will cut off a person’s wrist to steal their watch. SA also has the highest number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the world. And lest we forget that apartheid was only lifted 16 years ago. Continue reading

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