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My Favourite Americans

29 Jan

Kevin Bacon in Footloose: The dictionary and Shakespearian play equivalent in 1984

Concerned American Parents,

How did it take you 400 years to realise Romeo and Juliet has sexual undertones?

This is technically old news (from the 26th), but it’s too funny to not get a mention on the good ole bloggy blog. For those of you who don’t read / listen to / watch the news, quick recap:

Toronto theatre group (Classical Theatre Project) goes to perform their take of Romeo and Juliet in Nashville Tennessee. A group of angry self appointed censors try to halt the performance or at least wholesomeize it.

The show, however, went on. Within the crowd of cheering students and teachers were some unhappy campers. A home-schooling mother (SHOCK) had this to say: Continue reading

Palin On FOX: 5 Better Alternatives

12 Jan

Fox news’ dumbest yet most predictable move towards the complete obliteration of journalistic integrity comes with their decision to feature former Alaskan governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin as a regular contributor on the ‘news’ network.

Here are five smarter decisions Fox should have made instead:

5. hiring a monkey as a contributor. The Japanese do this often and it would not ruin the ‘integrity’ of Fox news in the least. Heck, it would probably heighten it. At least monkeys don’t hold opinions. Continue reading

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