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I Can Has Social Media?

26 Mar

Check out the vid I made for My City Lives covering last week’s Toronto Blog Stars event (and last week’s blog post on the event if you’ve missed it).

And Fiddler on The Roof in Japanese…because why not?!?!

Have I Learnt Nothing???

19 Mar

n'est pas related to this post

I was just at a talk about how to be the most super blogger imaginable with blog stars (and my new favourite people) Casie Stewart, Sean Ward, and Raymi the Minx, and here I am not blogging every day.

In light of this, I have decided to make it my personal goal to at least post SOMETHING every.single.day. If I don’t, you can punch me in the face….not really, but you can direct nasty comments my way. I’m not promising the content will be fab seven days a week, but there will be some stalking material.

I will be posting a video from the event on My City Lives over the next couple days, so watch out for that y’all.

In the quickest recap imaginable, here’s some things to keep in mind if you’re planning on being of blogging fame: Continue reading

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