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An Unjustly Affair

26 Apr

I’ve written before on the danger of living in extremities. What sickens me is when these beliefs infringe on the individual rights of a person.

South African judge Richard Goldstone wrote a UN report that was highly critical of both Israelis and Palestinians, accusing them both of war crimes.

Because he did not speak too highly of Israel, there has since been outrage from the Jewish community in South Africa, going so far as to attempt to ban him from attending his grandson’s bar mitzvah.

This is crossing the line. How dare a community deny one of its members access to a private event because they are critical of certain government actions. That’s like Stephen Harper denying a Canadian the right to attend a family event because he was an active voice against the Afghan abuse scandal. Disgusting.

Thankfully, Goldstone is planning to attend his grandson’s bar mitzvah and South African groups have negotiated with the judge and have promised not to protest. Last week he was told he would be physically prevented from entering the synagogue, to which he said: “Imagine the effects of such protests on my 13-year-old grandson and his family.”

This whole situation leaves a sour taste in my mouth, and makes me ashamed to be both a Jew and South African. There needs to be a less juvenile approach to the acquisition of peace, because the blaming game isn’t getting us anywhere. Then again, I have little faith that there will ever be anything close to peace in the middle east

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