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Airport Security – Public Masturbation?

22 Feb

Just checking for explosives, no big deal.

Just got back from my Boston trip. I was clearly an expert at neglecting this thing (apologies).

I wanted to touch on the airport security fiasco. A warning to anyone flying to the United States, prepare to stick your hands down your pants.

It has gotten to the point where, not only are they checking individual carry on bags thoroughly, but they are also asking you to stick your hands down your pants, wiggle them around, and let them swab your fingers for explosive material (I guess?). Embarrassing as it is, but moreso considering this is all done in the security line in front of every other traveler.

I would much rather some technician in a control room saw my naked see-through body in those high tech scanners than participate in the voyeur attracting act of masturbation simulation at Pearson airport.

Do they make children do this?

Safety, bla bla blah, I get it, but If you want me to touch my almost-privates, I would enjoy some privacy, please.

Another Reason To Start Going To The Gym

8 Jan

As hope dwindles for the fulfillment of New Year resolutions, perhaps there’s one common personal goal you will want to keep, unless you don’t mind strangers seeing you naked.

New body scanners have been ordered by Canada to comply with heightened security in the United States. As you might have heard, these scanners can see right through your clothes. No first date, no foreplay, no nothing.

Airport security can see whether or not a person is carrying plastic explosives and dangerous items. Your image cannot be saved on the device, thankfully, but groups are still concerned about breaches in privacy. Honestly though, I’ll risk a person or two seeing me nekkid in exchange for my (relative) safety. Continue reading

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