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Sunday Haiku

21 Mar

Never having kids

Fifty screaming twelve year olds

Too much to handle.

This one is all I need.

Happy birthday little sister. 🙂

How was your weekend?

A Tea Party Of My Own

16 Feb

Happy belated Valentines day!

A heads up, I’ll be in Boston for the week so expect some sporadic posting, and possible negligence. Apologies in advance. I will take some pictures for you, eat some chowdah, pahk some cahs, ask Bostonians to say khakis and car keys too see if there’s really a difference, and shop my brains out.

If I come back penniless, please lend me your couch to sleep on.

Happy trails to you.

Catch you in a few 😉

Binary Problem

11 Feb

You’re either with us or against us.

Friend or foe.

Good or bad.

Pro or anti.

Is there no middle ground? Why do people feel inclined to pick a side. So many political values, morals, opinions and beliefs are based on dichotomies and binaries where they can’t seem to take the valid points from each side to create a fine balance. Continue reading

ROMISAYS on Radio Laurier

6 Feb

Revisiting my old haunt tomorrow to co-host a show on Radio Laurier. Excited to be back on the air.

Click on the link and listen in Saturday from 1-3 when we play some wicked tunes and participate in some mindless banter.

giant pigs not included

TTC Diaries: Awkward Timing

27 Jan

Dear Diary,

Toronto Transit Commission has been getting a lot of media coverage in the past week eh?

But does the good press outweigh the bad? Let’s investigate! Continue reading

Sneaky Canadians, Pirate Edition

15 Dec

Nothing to do with the post, but still awesome.

Last week, we talked about Neal Heagy‘s 15 minutes of fame, promoting his band via Google Street View. This week, a teen pirate from the outskirts of Ottawa. Okay, he isn’t really a pirate, but he has been running a pirate radio station out of his home. Jayhaed Saadé, 14, has had an all-music station for the past couple of years, but Industry Canada forced him to shut it down since it was unlicensed.

He’s applying for a license as we speak.

Honestly though, good for him for being crafty enough to create and run a radio station. I guess for some people, broadcasting is in their blood.

I don’t have much to add, really. I’m just impressed by his innovation at such a young age. I would never have even thought to do anything that entrepreneurial at 14. Good on him.

To Make Your Week A Little Brighter

24 Nov


10 Nov

Let’s kick this thing off with a video, shall we?

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