Oh Facebook

18 Oct

Social media is great for a lot of things, but there are always people who ruin it for everyone while embarrassing themselves in the process. Thankfully the Oatmeal has created an all-encompassing guide to the annoying-as-hell Facebook friends you have but are too guilty to unfriend.

I am positive that each description fits at least a couple of people I know in an eerily accurate way.

I guess this post serves as a passive-aggressive way for me to tell you to stop being such a pain in the ass or our virtual friendship will be revoked.

It’s funny how we all become weird caricatures of ourselves on the internet. What we post, blog about and tweet creates an online personality that could be completely different from who we actually are. Although we can say “who cares?” to that, tell me you’ve never judged a person by what they’ve posted on Facebook even though they’re decent, likable people in person.

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