Remember When? Summer 2010

8 Sep

This beaver has nothing to do with any kind of current events..but look how huge it is!

It’s been quite the summer for newsmakers. While we were enjoying our slow days and numerous heatwaves, underfed, underpaid journalists worked overtime to deliver top stories to our Crackberries while we lounged on our decks in bikinis sipping ice cold beers (…no? Just me?). Don’t worry, In a year from now, I’ll be shaking my fist at summer Romi too.

But seriously, the news has been far from slow this season making it hard to remember what happened when, or was it that humidity-induced coma? Perhaps it’s beneficial to take a look at planet earth’s crazy summer, if only to remind ourselves that the worst things to happen to Toronto are a puny earthquake, a delightful heatwave, and an irritating mayoral race (or to assist those journalism buddies who went news reading cold-turkey this summer and are playing catchup).


Flotilla-gate – a typical he-said-she-said moment within the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Hope remains as peace talks continue, but stubbornness on both sides can and will stunt progress.

World Cup – A success for South Africa, but what will become of the country once the world stops paying attention to it?

G20 – The most memorable outcome? Hundreds of arrests. That doesn’t fare well for the original intent of the summit.

Australia – Elected their first female prime minister. Let’s keep this trend going!


Pakistan Floods – over one million affected, and 1,600 perished in flooding that may soon subside, but it’s effects will linger. CBC has a list of relief organizations you can donate through.

Parade of death – 21 people died and over 500 were injured during a German festival called, ironically, the Parade of Love.

HST – ugh. Need I say more?


Prop 8 overturned – A potential win for same-sex couples in California – now to play to waiting game.

Lindsay Lohan + Paris Hilton – One gets released form jail, one gets arrested for cocaine possession. No one is surprised.

Steven Slater – Gives Office Space a run for its money.

Standoff – Eight lost their lives in a bloody hostage taking in Manila

Miners – In Chile, 30 miners were found alive and well, given the circumstances. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a speedy rescue.

Capital Terrorists – Three Ottawa men were detained for an alleged terrorism plot, not for a shitty version of Avril Lavigne’s complicated, contrary to popular belief. Complicated indeed.


Standoff 2 – One idiot lost his life after thinking that taking hostages at  Discovery Channel will affect the station’s programming.

This isn’t even a fraction of what went on. What else is worthy of remembrance during the summer of 2010?

2 Responses to “Remember When? Summer 2010”

  1. Rob at 10:35 am #

    Somehow you managed to miss the biggest story- the oil spill!!!

    • romeh at 11:37 pm #

      Yes….but did that not technically happen in May?

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