Greetings From Jerusalem

30 Jun

I'm not naked, I swear...

I made it! But I’m exhausted so I’m going to keep this short and sweet. It’s been good so far, but hard to get adjusted to the time difference (7 hours ahead of Toronto).

Some quick observations:

I’ve never seen so many people of different religions practicing in one place that means so much to all of them.

You can feel (and see) the tension between Palestinians and Israelis.

There’s so much history here. It’s so refreshing. Such a change from Canada’s historical sites. The average one here is around 2000 years old.

All of the forests in Israel are man-made. it’s pretty amazing considering there are quite a few trees. This proves that man can be good for some things. And I had a part in it today–I planted a tree!

I am SO happy I was not in Toronto for the G20. I saw pics of what happened there. Disgusting, but predictable.

That’s all you’re getting for now!



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