To Israel And Beyond…

25 Jun

Tomorrow I will be on my way to the other side of the world.

I’m going to Israel for the next two weeks, and Greece for one week. It’s a hot spot world tour!

Though I’m going for recreational reasons, I will try my best to include my social commentary / some pics / general observations while I’m traveling. Don’t expect daily blogs, or even every other day because I’m not sure how much internet access I will have, but I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

I know you’ll miss me dearly. If this is the case, I suggest you do the following:

1) Catch up on some archived posts.

2) Check out my blogroll!

3) Draft some wicked guest posts so that when I come back, my mailbox ( will be full of content to publish.

Hugs and kisses.

See y’all soon.


One Response to “To Israel And Beyond…”

  1. Dan Morgan July 8, 2010 at 8:22 am #

    Mazal Tov on going to Israel!

    Enjoy and laheetraot 🙂

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